ReleaseStatus Minutes 2010-03-15 IRC log

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(14:57:50) #oooreleases: The topic for #oooreleases is: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(15:00:04) mla: hi
(15:00:12) mdamboldt [~mdamboldt@nat/sun/x-kvcoopqqazomosoi] entered the room.
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(15:02:31) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:03:09) UweL [~chatzilla@nat/sun/x-zuftfjfidbyhdljl] entered the room.
(15:03:25) mdamboldt: OOo 3.2.1 (aka OOO320) status.
(15:03:45) mdamboldt: Several Issues / CWS have already been nominated for the next round
(15:04:14) mdamboldt: We are still working on changes related to re-branding and corresponding copyright changes etc.
(15:04:48) mdamboldt: Target is to start the OOO320m14 round some time next week.
(15:05:20) mdamboldt: Some further stoppers have been raised and already beeing accepted on the mailing list.
(15:05:33) MechtiIde: As I understand this m13 contains only the ES fixes for the release?
(15:06:35) MechtiIde: so we start the "developer builds with OOO320m14 after OOO320m12 was the final version for the most languages
(15:06:37) MechtiIde: ?
(15:07:21) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Thats the usual process for each new release. m13 also contains usual basic preparations for next release.
(15:08:05) MechtiIde: ok only to be able to communicate the missing version on the mirror
(15:08:27) mdamboldt: Ok, I'm not aware of any further topics for todays meeting. Are there any?
(15:09:39) UweL: not from my side
(15:09:45) mla: I've nothing
(15:09:51) stefan_b: me neither
(15:11:18) mdamboldt: Ok
(15:11:27) mdamboldt: So talk to you latest next week again...
(15:11:28) mdamboldt: bye
(15:11:38) mla: bye
(15:11:38) UweL: bye
(15:13:20) UweL left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]).
(15:13:33) stefan_b: bye
(15:13:43) of_sun: bye

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