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[15:31] mdamboldt: bye <br>
[15:31] mdamboldt: bye <br>
[15:32] stefan_b: bye
[15:32] stefan_b: bye
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[15:00] #oooreleases: The topic for #oooreleases is: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
[15:00] mdamboldt: Hi
[15:01] enoki: hi
[15:03] blauwal: Hi
[15:03] UweL: Hi
[15:03] of_sun: Hello
[15:03] mdamboldt: So quick review of the OOo 3.2 status.
[15:03] mdamboldt: On the agenda I can find the question regarding release of the Presenter Console 1.1.
[15:03] kai_a hat den Chatroom betreten.
[15:04] mdamboldt: Well the 1.1 was not useable for OOo 3.2 release. We removed it from the repository and released a 1.0.3 instead.
[15:04] mdamboldt: That solved the OOo 3.2 issue.
[15:04] mdamboldt: Next item is the Sun Report Build 1.2 release. This has already been relased and is live on the extension repository.
[15:05] Fridrich1: ok
[15:05] mdamboldt: Those should be all Sun Extensions where updates were required for the OOo 3.2 release.
[15:05] mdamboldt: The old Meta Issue 99999 for tracking the 3.2 release has been closed.
[15:05] IZBot: tools TASK CLOSED FIXED P2 OOo 3.2 release stoppers / blockers http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=99999
[15:06] Fridrich1: mdamboldt: nice, so now what are the plans for 3.2.1?
[15:06] mdamboldt: Thanks to Mechtilde there is a new Meta Issue 109046 with target 3.2.1
[15:06] Fridrich1: how does the slip in release date affect the deadlines there
[15:06] IZBot: timed out - please visit the URL yourself: http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=109046
[15:07] mdamboldt: If you stumble over any remaining stopper which has been raised but rejected for 3.2 release, please review those in point of view to the 3.2.1 release now.
[15:08] _Nesshof_: what do you think how much time we schould spend for collecting 3.2 feedback ?
[15:08] _Nesshof_: then plus the time for fixing and rc'ing, then you get the new deadline
[15:10] Fridrich1: _Nesshof_: you must be engineer, your answer is precise, but I cannot do anything about it
[15:12] _Nesshof_: do we have any dependencies with a 3.2.1 release ?
[15:15] mdamboldt: Two stopper candidates have been noted in the agenda for today:
[15:15] mdamboldt: Issue 92147
[15:16] mdamboldt: and Issue 109183
[15:16] IZBot: Installation DEFECT STARTED P2 no dict DE in Installation Packages http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=92147
[15:16] IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P2 XComponentLoader: XModel as PropertyValue crashes the office http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=109183
[15:16] mdamboldt: I think both a clear candidates for 3.2.1 and have corresponding targets already.
[15:18] stefan_b: Note that 92147 affects Language Packs only. Full installation has DE dict.
[15:20] mdamboldt: Regarding DEV300 there is a request in the agenda to have Russian language packs. Currently we deliver Arabic, German, French and Japanese Language Packs already. Every additional request means extra space on servers. Thinks we need to check space first.
[15:21] mdamboldt: I will take this as action item.
[15:22] mdamboldt: Another item on todays agenda is the reminder to have UI freeze / branch / beta for translation related changes in extensions.
[15:23] blauwal: I have an announcement to make: we switch the OOO320 code line to Mercurial, milestone m13 will be Mercurial only. Please see the announcement in the dev board.
[15:23] _rene_: m12 already is in hg?
[15:24] blauwal: It's available in hg, yes
[15:24] blauwal: But if you need to do an CWS on m12 basis, use SVN. From m13 on use HG
[15:24] blauwal: s/an/a/
[15:27] mdamboldt: blauwal: Thanks for the heads-up.
[15:28] mdamboldt: The last item on todays agenda is the question abou requirements for languages to get full installsets or language packs. For this I like to point to the Wiki again on the "Release criteria" page is a specific topic for L10N requirements http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Release_criteria#Localization_requirements
[15:28] mdamboldt: Thats all I've for todays meeting.
[15:29] mdamboldt: Round table items?
[15:30] rtimm: nothing from my side
[15:30] UweL: no
[15:30] of_sun: I'm fine
[15:31] stefan_b: me too
[15:31] mdamboldt: ok sounds thats all for today...
[15:31] mdamboldt: bye
[15:32] stefan_b: bye

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