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(15:00) #oooreleases: The topic for #oooreleases is: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(15:00) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:01) Fridrich: hello
(15:01) FrankS: rehi
(15:01) MechtiIde: hello
(15:02) mdamboldt: Here we are, right in front of a newly raised stoppers and thus in front of another RC
(15:02) mdamboldt: Issue 107763 has been raised.
(15:02) IZBot: Presentation DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P2 fly in animation of tranparent object crashes OO
(15:03) mdamboldt: It has been fixed in CWS ooo321gsl02 which is on it's way for QA review now.
(15:03) paveljanik hat den Chatroom verlassen. (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
(15:04) mdamboldt: Additional we have taken Issue 107957 and Issue 108426 into account for that CWS, too.
(15:04) IZBot: api DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P3 create style via API is broken
(15:04) stefan_b: Hi
(15:04) mdamboldt: Issue 107957
(15:04) IZBot: l10n DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P3 Base : File > New > Database > Database Wizard > Connect to an existing database - list not translated
(15:05) ***_rene_ wonders why those fixes were so long delayed
(15:05) _rene_: 108426 was known longer ago, has a patch
(15:05) _rene_: 107763 was in a cws Friday. could have finalized on Friday and build done during the weekend
(15:05) _rene_: for the build error this was known since Wednesday. no fix committed since then afaics (at least not until Friday)
(15:06) _rene_: so we lost at least 3 days
(15:06) _rene_: why?
(15:06) MechtiIde: on the other side mru found another stopper
(15:06) mdamboldt: Further more we have Issue 108610
(15:07) IZBot: Installation DEFECT CLOSED FIXED P2 Install of Non-JRE-build fails on WIndows 7
(15:07) mdamboldt: And Issue 108813
(15:07) FrankS: _rene_: your count algorithm is wrong
(15:07) IZBot: Word processor DEFECT STARTED P2 Crash on two times Undo inserting comment with text
(15:07) _rene_: FrankS: why?
(15:07) mdamboldt: All I would plan to address in RC5.
(15:07) FrankS: if it were built during the weekend, we would not have gained 3 days
(15:07) FrankS: try operating with correct numbers
(15:07) _rene_: FrankS: counting today as 1 day and I bet there won't be a build today there. so 3 days
(15:08) paveljanik hat den Chatroom betreten.
(15:08) FrankS: basing accusations on bets is somewhat ... courageous
(15:08) stefan_b: Today is Monday and we could move on or discuss the past...
(15:08) MechtiIde: is a fix for issue 108813 available?
(15:08) rtimm: stefan_b: +1 for moving on
(15:08) IZBot: Word processor DEFECT STARTED P2 Crash on two times Undo inserting comment with text
(15:09) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: It's beeing done right now.
(15:09) _rene_: FrankS: aha, so if you started today a build there would be a rc5 upload today?
(15:09) _rene_: FrankS: no. I guess this is a safe bet
(15:09) _rene_: hell, there is many other stuff hanging on the release date
(15:10) mdamboldt: _rene_: true
(15:10) floeff: pardon my silence, just reading while working to keep up a bit, but have to leave in a few mins - hi everyone
(15:10) Fridrich: ok, when should one expect the build of rc5?
(15:10) Fridrich: wednesday?
(15:10) _rene_: FrankS: my point is: we could have had the builds earlier.
(15:11) MechtiIde: _rene_, but not with fix for issue 108813
(15:11) IZBot: Word processor DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P2 Crash on two times Undo inserting comment with text
(15:11) Fridrich: ok, let us start the time-machine and come back in the time, if this does not work, let us discuss what next
(15:11) mdamboldt: Fridrich: I would expect to see the build showing up on the first mirror on Wednesday. Until the weekend it should be distributed to all mirrors.
(15:11) MechtiIde: mdamboldt, so when could the fix be integrated?
(15:12) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: As soon as it's complete and a review has been done.
(15:12) Fridrich: mdamboldt: when will it be annouced, when the builds are populated, or when it starts to be uploaded?
(15:12) _rene_: Fridrich: sorry, no. this is a general problem. I am not speaking only about this specific case
(15:12) Fridrich: _rene_: ok, in that case, yes
(15:12) 94SAAAOZK hat den Chatroom betreten.
(15:12:45) ***Fridrich likes a general bashing, but does not bother about specifics as long as flames are there
(15:12:49) _rene_: we get builds far too late, ans we get source tarballs last after the binaries....
(15:12:49) mla: hi
(15:13:00) Fridrich: 94SAAAOZK: who are you?
(15:13:08) mla: sorry i'm late
(15:13:11) MechtiIde: mdamboldt, maybe we can change the upload
(15:13:16) floeff: before flaming goes on, just a short question from the marketing side: it's sure that we will have RC5 now and that means that we'll determine final release not before next monday, correct?
(15:13:21) mdamboldt: Fridrich: Usually Marcus announce it after mirror master upload is complete.
(15:13:23) Fridrich: ah, ok, marcus
(15:13:26) MechtiIde: first the source and then the binary?
(15:13:45) _rene_: floeff: personally I disagree, but *shrugs*
(15:13:46) MechtiIde: floeff, as i see yes
(15:13:57) _rene_: not about rc5. but about deciding
(15:14:07) floeff: Mechtilde: Thanks.
(15:14:19) floeff: _rene_: I better keep out of this discussion, just need some rough dates for planning of PR and such ;)
(15:14:48) Fridrich: will we have enough QA feedback to decide on monday?
(15:15:17) Fridrich: when I think about wednesday as upload, it makes not even the testtool run until friday
(15:15:22) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: I will ask Marcus to upload source first this time.
(15:15:30) Fridrich: mdamboldt: wonderful
(15:15:42) Fridrich: and send the e-mail about the sources :)
(15:16:41) _rene_: mdamboldt: not this time. everytime.
(15:16:58) mdamboldt: Regarding the time line, sounds like it can fit to have QA approval on Thursday 11th Feb and an OOo marketing release on Tuesday 16th Feb.?!?
(15:17:04) mdamboldt: _rene_: ok
(15:17:09) _rene_: (except mayne for dev snapshots, where I don't care)
(15:17:41) mdamboldt: Thougts / opinions about the timeline?
(15:17:44) MechtiIde: mdamboldt, maybe Monday approval and Thursday or Friday release
(15:17:46) _rene_: why so late?
(15:17:51) _rene_: next week is fine, too.
(15:17:55) _rene_: as MechtiIde says
(15:18:01) Fridrich: mdamboldt: there are quite a number of fixes in, I would be more thorough with the testing
(15:18:12) floeff: mdamboldt: As soon as we have approval from QA, I guess we need about 48 hours for distribution, so Monday -> Thursday sounds reasonable
(15:18:40) Fridrich: and I would build the sources in default config on windows and linux to prevent such a mess as the latest masterfix
(15:18:45) _rene_: and keep distributions at the (bad) 3.1.1 until they can't get 3.2 in anymore, yeah ;-(
(15:18:47) mla: -1 for a release on friday, thursday would be better
(15:20:12) floeff: approval on Monday, release on Thursday would be ok for me if mla has no objections as of distribution
(15:20:15) MechtiIde: 94SAAAOZK, if the mirroring is ready then ok
(15:20:28) mdamboldt: Not sure if I understand correct, you are talking about QA approval on Monday 8th Feb and 10th feb marketing release?
(15:20:42) _rene_: yes
(15:20:56) MechtiIde: 8.2 Approval 11 Release
(15:21:08) floeff: mdamboldt: If QA on 8th, then marketing release can be 10th or 11th, depending on distributon, but I guess 11th would be better
(15:21:21) mdamboldt: ok
(15:21:21) MechtiIde: floeff, +1
(15:21:25) mdamboldt: understood now
(15:21:25) mla: an addition to "source files first": the point is not when the upload was done but what the mirrors sync first. and here the alphabet is the master: first A-Z then a-z, and _src_ is therefore the latest
(15:21:41) floeff: mdamboldt: Ask mla, but I guess we need two days for mirroring, so 11th would fit better
(15:22:23) _rene_: 94SAAAOZK: then give us access to the master (and be it with user/pass), also ok
(15:22:24) You are now known as ml1
(15:23:34) mdamboldt: Ok, so I make the following note:
(15:23:52) mdamboldt: OOO320m12 is planned to be finished mid of this week.
(15:24:16) mdamboldt: Upload to mirror network will start on Wednesday and will be complete till weekend.
(15:24:30) mdamboldt: QA approval is scheduled for Monday 8th Feb
(15:25:01) mdamboldt: marketing Release of OOo 3.2 is targeted for Thursday 11th Feb now
(15:25:08) floeff: mdamboldt: Sounds good to me
(15:25:31) mla: mdamboldt: +1
(15:25:35) Fridrich: ok
(15:25:40) MechtiIde: mdamboldt, ok
(15:25:42) floeff: folks, sorry, i have to leave, but +1 for mdamboldts proposal ... if anything changes, mechtilde please ping me :-)
(15:25:59) Fridrich: but announce the sources as soon as you have them, don't wait for the mirrors to populate
(15:26:08) rtimm: mdamboldt: +1
(15:26:13) Fridrich: this can save us 1 day at least
(15:26:39) mla: I *always* announce when the upload was finished
(15:27:09) floeff left the room.
(15:27:12) Fridrich: ml1: of binaries (upload)
(15:27:43) _rene_: Fridrich: that doesn't make sense
(15:27:46) rtimm: Fridrich: just out of curiosity, why do you take the source tarball instead of just using your SCM?
(15:27:55) _rene_: Fridrich: unless we do have access to the master we can't access them anyway
(15:27:56) Fridrich: rtimm: I mirror the svn
(15:28:06) Fridrich: rtimm: with git
(15:28:16) _rene_: that also lags a day, fwiw
(15:28:26) Fridrich: rtimm: but I have it done by cron, which is possible to override if needed
(15:28:37) _rene_: rtimm: and using your source tarballs have the aim being able to check the md5sums, etc
(15:28:54) rtimm: Ah, OK. Understood.
(15:29:00) _rene_: (ok, for _core, _system and _extensions that doesn't work anyway, because I need to remove non-free crap, but...)
(15:29:04) paveljanik left the room (quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
(15:30:18) _rene_: if that ever would be fixed (yeah, I know you don't really care) I could just use those with verifiable md5sums
(15:30:23) _rene_: (at least for rcs + final)
(15:31:06) _rene_: in any case, I need some tarballs. and if I need to pack them myself
(15:31:13) _rene_: which then is also waste of time..
(15:31:18) rtimm: I asked because Marcus waits until the milestone tag exists and uses that to create the tarball. Alternatively you could checkout yourself at the same time and would not have to wait for the upload.
(15:31:43) Fridrich: rtimm: yeah, but the tag can move if the thing is not announced
(15:32:03) Fridrich: rtimm: so, not wanting to have a tag mess
(15:32:08) paveljanik [~Pavel@unaffiliated/paveljanik) entered the room.
(15:32:19) _rene_: rtimm: then I need to pack them myself, make the name fit etc. And as said, no verifiable m5sums (at least in theory)
(15:32:20) rtimm: Fridrich: creating the tag is the last thing done before anouncing the milestone 'ready to use'
(15:32:25) blauwal [~jr93709@nat/sun/x-xhyoqqneugtefixg) entered the room.
(15:32:36) rtimm: But OK, use the work flow that best fits your needs
(15:33:03) _rene_: I just need to use tarballs. there's no way out of it. I can't (yet) use a simple cvs co and be done with it :-)
(15:33:13) _rene_: s/cvs/svn/
(15:34:57) mdamboldt: I've nothing to add for todays meeting regarding 3.2 release.
(15:35:07) Fridrich: mdamboldt: howgh :)
(15:35:51) ***_rene_ has neither escept that we continue to make ourselves look bad ;)
(15:36:07) mdamboldt: Fridrich: haeh? :)
(15:36:30) Fridrich: mdamboldt: how come you did not read Winnetou?
(15:36:45) mdamboldt: Fridrich: Ah, got it ;)
(15:37:00) mdamboldt: Anything else for todays meeting lef?
(15:37:23) UweL: no
(15:37:29) mdamboldt: s/lef/left
(15:39:21) mdamboldt: Ok. So talk to you all latest next week again. Hopefully with an approved RC5
(15:39:25) ***mdamboldt crossing fingers again
(15:39:38) Fridrich: ok
(15:39:57) _rene_: "again"? Then maybe you shouldn't it didn't bring luck ;
(15:39:58) _rene_: )
(15:40:24) ***mdamboldt ok stop crossing finger now :)

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