ReleaseStatus Minutes 2009-11-30 IRC log

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(14:57:18) Das Thema für #oooreleases ist: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(14:57:26) ja_: Moin
(14:57:41) Stefan_b_away heißt jetzt Stefan_b
(14:58:00) enoki [] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:58:09) Stefan_b: Moin moin
(14:58:55) mla [n=ml93712@nat/sun/x-bpdkzookuztazzuh] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:45) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:00:18) mdamboldt: Welcome to todays release status meeting
(15:00:31) mdamboldt: Status OOo 3.2:
(15:00:33) UweL [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-gvqmictgcbncmzme] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:00:39) mdamboldt: The OOO320m6 has been published last week.
(15:00:47) mdamboldt: Next round, OOO320m7 will start today. There are already about eight CWSs in the pipeline for m7.
(15:00:57) mdamboldt: The CWS localization37fix containing the last L10N related fixes is in progress. According to Ivo the CWS will be "ready for QA" latest by Tuesday 1st Dec and the QA approval is expected by end of this week.
(15:01:04) mdamboldt: There are about 15 Issues left on the 3.2 target. See
(15:02:21) ***_rene_ will (after approval form mh) a copy of fontooocleanup for OOO320.
(15:02:37) _rene_: tonight.
(15:03:06) mdamboldt: Since the release is getting closer, it would be great if further issues can be combined in CWSs. Currently we have nearly one CWS for one issue. On the final run it would help especially the QA to have fewer CWSs containing more than only one issue.
(15:03:20) _rene_: that should go into 3.2 in any case imho :)
(15:03:45) _rene_: --with-system-libs otherwise will fail with a check that doesn't make sense anymore :)=
(15:04:25) mdamboldt: _rene_: ok
(15:05:09) kai_a [n=Kai_Ahre@nat/sun/x-breggetuycwmqpjk] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:05:15) Stefan_b: mdamboldt: That sounds nice nice, given the fact all issues are OK. Otherwise one "fixed but failed" would block integration of the other issue(s). Nothing new, just for the record...
(15:05:54) mdamboldt: Stefan_b: Sure, same procedure as every.... :)
(15:06:01) mdamboldt: Anything else regarding 3.2 release?
(15:06:08) ja_: OOO320_m7 build will be done by Oliver Bolte (obo)
(15:06:28) _rene_: ah, what I almost forgot
(15:06:38) _rene_: I want to nominate a stopperlet me dig out the issue
(15:06:54) _rene_: Issue 107283
(15:07:00) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P3 xmlhelp: looks for idx*.xsl in wrong path
(15:07:10) _rene_: regression. and breaks help stuff for people with proper FHS setup
(15:08:01) _rene_: (a symlink is not a option if dozen or such packages contain help/ as a dir in old versions)
(15:09:18) Stefan_b: T&hat issue looks worth it. Really a regression from m5 to m6...?
(15:09:43) _rene_: seems so. m5 worked
(15:11:00) _rene_: (I currently worked around by doing the symlink, but want to get rid of it ASAP)
(15:11:21) mdamboldt: _rene_: Andreas just confirmed via phone to look into this. Out of the box I did not remember any changes in that area between m5 and m6...
(15:11:39) _rene_: there were xmlhelp changes at least...
(15:14:05) _rene_: the diff looks quite uninteresting, though, but....
(15:14:34) _rene_: maybe a side-effect of m5 built by me with en-US only and m6 with many localizations
(15:14:50) _rene_: in any case, it's a regression (if not from some OOO320 milestone from 3.1.1)
(15:15:09) rafaella [n=Rafaella@nat/sun/x-iekugmhzksnsbrez] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:16:22) mdamboldt: Ok, I think _rene_ made it clear enough why that one is a stopper. Andreas will look into it.
(15:16:29) mdamboldt: Anything else for todays meeting?
(15:17:18) UweL: not from my side
(15:17:30) mdamboldt: Ok, so here is todays summary so far:
(15:17:30) mdamboldt: - CWS localization37fix is targeted to be ready for QA by Tuesday and to get QA approval by end of this week.
(15:17:30) mdamboldt: - Make sure CWS fontooocleanup will make it into 3.2 too.
(15:17:30) mdamboldt: - Issue was nominated and silently accepted for 3.2 release.
(15:17:31) ja_: no, not from my side
(15:17:36) IZBot: issue 107283: framework DEFECT NEW P3 xmlhelp: looks for idx*.xsl in wrong path
(15:18:06) _rene_: s/fontooocleanup/fontooocleanup32/
(15:18:24) mdamboldt: _rene_: Ups, correct
(15:18:27) _rene_: I need a new copy as you can't integrate hg cwses into OOO320, can you?
(15:19:01) mdamboldt: _rene_: No, not yet.
(15:19:32) mdamboldt: So thats all for today I think.....
(15:20:18) rtimm: OK
(15:20:31) ja_: OK, bye bye
(15:20:35) mdamboldt: bye

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