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(14:56:05) Das Thema für #oooreleases ist: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(14:56:39) mdamboldt [n=mdambold@nat/sun/x-lmivubwdzkzhxtoq] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:57:23) blauwal [n=jr93709@nat/sun/x-yxfakwpzpkgeeyfo] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:07) ja1: Hi everybody
(14:59:08) UweL [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-idkkyjxiuaxyeqaz] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:48) kai_a [n=Kai_Ahre@nat/sun/x-maszlivpmgpwpvrh] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:48) sophi: Hi all
(14:59:56) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:00:11) of_sun: Hi
(15:00:13) stefan_b: Hi!
(15:01:22) mdamboldt: Let's start with 3.1.1 topic
(15:01:22) mdamboldt: There are couple of issues which have stopper qulaity:
(15:02:01) ml1 [n=ml93712@nat/sun/x-b8e9608d8806c794] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:02:07) ml1: moin
(15:02:27) mdamboldt: Issue 103357
(15:02:27) mdamboldt: Issue 103861
(15:02:27) mdamboldt: Issue 103933
(15:02:28) mdamboldt: Issue 103936
(15:02:28) mdamboldt: Issue 103968
(15:02:35) IZBot: Word processor PATCH VERIFIED FIXED P3 WW8: Table in RTL context imported with incorrect alignment
(15:02:41) IZBot: Spreadsheet PATCH RESOLVED FIXED P3 Shared formula reference wrap issue with different grid size
(15:02:43) IZBot: framework DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P3 Crash at shutdown of office after opening extension manager
(15:02:49) IZBot: lingucomponent DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P3 Grammar checker thread loops at 100% CPU when anchored-as-character objects in document
(15:02:53) IZBot: Chart DEFECT STARTED P3 Piechart looses color while exporting to xls
(15:03:05) ***_rene_ yays for issue 103357
(15:03:12) IZBot: Word processor PATCH VERIFIED FIXED P3 WW8: Table in RTL context imported with incorrect alignment
(15:03:20) mdamboldt: btw. 103357 we already agreed on, the corresponding CWS is not yet integrated
(15:03:39) ***_rene_ notes that 3.1.1 will be the version which will end up in the next debian stable....
(15:06:42) blauwal: they all look like showstoppers to me, so +1 for all
(15:06:49) _rene_: agreed
(15:06:54) ja1: +1 for all of them
(15:06:59) mdamboldt: I think we will take all of them for the 3.1.1 and it currently seems that we can start an m18 build on this Thursday as it was planned.
(15:07:09) _rene_: so m18 == rc1? ;)
(15:07:32) _rene_: .oO ( this comes in an extremely bad moment, but anyways, nothing faulty at your side )
(15:07:56) blauwal: _rene_: that's the plan, I think
(15:08:42) _Nesshof_ [n=martin@nat/sun/x-kwqsmazlblrehwjx] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:09:09) stefan_b: mdamboldt, I saw your comment in issue 103899 and it has target 3.1.1, no stopper link, though.
(15:09:12) stefan_b: Currently, MAV will integtate it into CWS where 103936 is fixed.
(15:09:14) MechtiIde: so m18 will be available Tuesday or wednesday next week
(15:09:20) IZBot: Spreadsheet DEFECT NEW P3 Cell Range Picker for the Validity dialog
(15:09:36) stefan_b: SORRY!
(15:09:42) stefan_b: Issue 101899!
(15:09:47) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P3 General input/output error when opening locked files
(15:09:58) stefan_b: File locking on Mac...
(15:10:25) mdamboldt: stefan_b: Indeed this one came up this morning and it's currently under investigation. Right now we don't know the root cause yet...
(15:11:46) mdamboldt: But yes, that one is a candidate, too.
(15:11:55) mdamboldt: Anything else regarding the 3.1.1?
(15:12:09) stefan_b: mdamboldt, sorry...: I saw TLs fix (GC loop) already working before CWS was "drawn back". Wait and hope that allworks well or extra-work by making another CWS?
(15:13:32) mdamboldt: blauwal: Is Kurt the right one this week for the 3.1.1 code line to keep in the loop?
(15:14:08) ja1: mdamboldt: AFAIK he is.
(15:14:46) mdamboldt: Ok. I've nothing else on my list today.
(15:15:51) ja1: Vladimir will care about DEV300_m55 and Kurt will care about OOO300_m18
(15:16:24) blauwal: mdamboldt: yes
(15:16:29) MechtiIde: m55?
(15:16:44) blauwal: MechtiIde: m54 is nearly finished
(15:17:27) blauwal: MechtiIde: will be announced today
(15:17:29) MechtiIde: ok
(15:18:28) ***_rene_ wonders when graphite01 will find its way into 3.2. any plan yet (and will do you an extra m for it)?
(15:18:42) _rene_: not that it's urgent, I need to concentrate on 3.1.1 anyway, but...
(15:22:54) mdamboldt: I'm not sure when CWS graphite01 will become approved by QA. No target date is mentioned in the CWS and two issue are not veryfied right now.
(15:23:14) _rene_: ok
(15:23:29) _rene_: as said, nothing urgent, but would be interesting to know
(15:24:46) mdamboldt: _rene_: I would love to that CWS in 3.2 release. So if it would be approved next week, I would be fine with doing m56 only with this CWS.
(15:26:13) mdamboldt: Something else for todays meeting?
(15:28:18) ja1: whom it may concern...I'll be on vacation the upcoming three weeks (starting on Monday). Marcus Lange will care about uploads etc.
(15:29:13) mdamboldt: Ok, seems that all for today...
(15:29:15) mdamboldt: bye
(15:29:29) stefan_b: Just spoke to MAV. He is almost ready with the fix so that CWS will be done by Wednesday.
(15:29:31) stefan_b: Bye.

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