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(ReleaseStatus Minutes 2009-05-25 IRC log)
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(15:43:49) mdamboldt: bye<br>
(15:43:49) mdamboldt: bye<br>
(15:43:53) ja_: no<br>
(15:43:53) ja_: no<br>
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(15:01:15) mla: hi
(15:01:29) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:02:04) foral [n=foral@p2157-ipbf28osakakita.osaka.ocn.ne.jp] entered the room.
(15:02:12) mdamboldt: 3.1.1 Release
(15:02:21) mdamboldt: Any specific issues to raise here today?
(15:02:32) Andreas [n=Andreas@wlan-sun.staroffice.de] entered the room.
(15:03:32) makoto_ [n=foral@p2157-ipbf28osakakita.osaka.ocn.ne.jp] entered the room.
(15:03:58) foral left the room.
(15:04:23) UweL [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-e232fdffbea3d656] entered the room.
(15:05:21) mdamboldt: Ok, next item on the list is the 3.2 release.
(15:06:04) stefan_b_lunch is now known as stefan_b
(15:06:25) stefan_b: Sorr, was late. Hi!
(15:06:57) mdamboldt: I've updated the timeline in wiki http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/OOoRelease32
(15:07:07) mdamboldt: No date yet for the " l10n TCM testing "
(15:10:09) MechtiIde: this is a very short timeline for l10n
(15:11:32) MechtiIde: and I'm not happy that the first regular build with the translation will be so near by the RC
(15:14:17) MechtiIde: I see the 28.09.09 for translation handover is on Monday
(15:15:39) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Calculation is based on 3.1 time lines. Indeed it leave about three weeks between last l10n bug fixes delivery and release.
(15:16:40) MechtiIde: but if we can get "handover on Monday we lost a weekend
(15:21:32) mdamboldt: Mechtilide: I need to check what the process of "translation handover " requires in detail.
(15:24:04) MechtiIde: we need the weekend for preparing the files for the translators, so the translators can do their work
(15:30:01) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Ok, after some clarification of the details, it seems realistic to me to put the translation handover date on Firday 25th September 2009 for OOo 3.2.
(15:30:23) msc_sun is now known as msc_sun_away
(15:34:03) MechtiIde: mdamboldt, thanks for the changing
(15:35:54) mdamboldt: Anything else for the 3.2 release and/or it's schedule?
(15:36:29) MechtiIde: from me not today ;-)
(15:36:40) rtimm: no
(15:36:44) ja_: I'm fine with it for the moment
(15:37:59) mdamboldt: So it sounds thats all for today....
(15:39:10) rtimm: just one note: next Monday we have a public holiday in germany. As this affects quite some people here I'd suggest to cancel next weeks meeting.
(15:39:43) rtimm: s/weeks/week's/
(15:39:59) _rene_: why?
(15:40:01) MechtiIde: or do it on Tuesday?
(15:40:07) _rene_: if people are there, ok, if not, not....
(15:40:28) _rene_: you are thinking too much in working days ;-)
(15:40:37) rtimm: _rene_: I would be fine with that, too
(15:40:57) mdamboldt: Currently it doen't look like there is a big demand to shift the meeting to Tuesday. I propose to skip next weeks meeting. If required, items can be raised on the mailing list instead.
(15:41:06) rtimm: Just wanted to avoid disappointement about too few people joining here
(15:41:13) ja_ left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(15:41:32) blauwal: bye
(15:41:36) blauwal left the room.
(15:41:55) ja_ [n=ja93804@nat/sun/x-38f63b9603a24ebf] entered the room.
(15:42:10) mla: bye
(15:43:09) stefan_b: bye!
(15:43:12) mdamboldt: Anything else?
(15:43:31) rtimm: mdamboldt: not from my side
(15:43:49) mdamboldt: bye
(15:43:53) ja_: no

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