ReleaseStatus Minutes 2009-04-20 IRC log

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(15:04:42) _Nesshof_: m11 to become rc2
(15:04:44) ja_: Moin
(15:04:59) _Nesshof_: I think we need one or two days for the remaining fixes
(15:05:37) _Nesshof_: I'm a bit unsure about the actual status of issue 100994
(15:05:47) ***_rene_ wonders why there's no reaction to the xpdf security issue yet ;-)
(15:05:50) IZBot: l10n DEFECT NEW P2 [IT] Wrong function names in Calc 3.1-RC1 Italian
(15:07:53) _Nesshof_: _rene_: pl has to other stopper and today it his his first day after vacation
(15:09:38) _Nesshof_: nothing else to discuss ?
(15:12:13) rtimm: how will we proceed concerning 100994?
(15:14:56) _Nesshof_: rtimm: I'm waiting for a comment from Ivo
(15:17:23) VolkerMe: _Nesshof_: As usual: Will we meet the timeline?
(15:17:33) rtimm: BTW, OOO310 will be done by Kurt (kz) this week
(15:19:07) ja_: will there be a DEV300 build this week ?
(15:19:40) _Nesshof_: VolkerMe: I'm not an oracle, but I would guess at the moment, yes
(15:19:49) VolkerMe: ;-)
(15:20:04) _rene_: _Nesshof_: :)
(15:20:10) rtimm: ja_: don't know. There are not so much childworkspaces except those cloned from OOO310.
(15:21:45) ja_: thanks. That was just for the minutes...
(15:26:44) _Nesshof_: by
(15:27:00) mdamboldt heißt jetzt mdamboldt_away
(15:27:05) ja_: bye bye
(15:27:07) mla: bye

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