ReleaseStatus Minutes 2009-03-02 IRC log

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(14:42:02) _Nesshof_1 [] entered the room.
(14:45:18) sophi [] entered the room.
(14:45:32) sophi: Hi!
(14:51:52) MechtiIde: hello
(14:56:28) _Nesshof_2 [] entered the room.
(15:00:31) _Nesshof_2: moin
(15:01:36) _Nesshof_2: I don't expect too much people from Sun today since there's a meeting still going on
(15:02:22) _Nesshof_2: are there any hot issues to discuss today ? the meeting agenda seems to be a little bit outdated .
(15:02:55) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_1, I didn't actual it
(15:03:00) MechtiIde: :((
(15:03:49) MechtiIde: when can we expect the integration of localisation35 in the Master
(15:04:02) _Nesshof_2: so the plan still is, to prepare a rc with the integration of localization35
(15:04:32) Stefan___b: Hi... :-)
(15:04:58) _Nesshof_2: MechtiIde: around March 12 I would expect to have the build available with loc%35
(15:05:35) MechtiIde: I think the integration of localisation34 in the RC is not a good idea
(15:06:03) Stefan___b: MechtiIde: 34?
(15:06:11) MechtiIde: IMHO we need minimum one more build after integration of loc35
(15:06:15) _Nesshof_2: MechtiIde: 34 ?
(15:06:34) MechtiIde: sorry I mean loc35
(15:06:37) _Nesshof_2: MechtiIde: why ?
(15:06:55) MechtiIde: my own experience ;-)
(15:07:20) Stefan___b: MechtiIde: OK. But we always hope certain builds are the last one. Why not start hope right after integration of loc~35?
(15:07:21) _Nesshof_2: i think we can decide once the buildd is available
(15:07:53) Stefan___b: March 12 is more than a week away.
(15:07:58) sophi: _Nesshof_2: because since the last rc we didn't have a chance to check for our fixes, only in cwsloc35
(15:08:28) _Nesshof_2: sophi: ok, understood
(15:08:40) MechtiIde: and cws loc35 has to much issues esp. technical integration issues
(15:09:12) _Nesshof_2: we then will put out the milestone as regular snapshot and decide after feedback if this already can be a rc
(15:09:36) MechtiIde: +1
(15:09:59) sophi: _Nesshof_2: thank you
(15:10:28) _Nesshof_2: any other stuff for today ?
(15:11:30) paveljanik: no ;-)
(15:11:33) Stefan___b: CeBit goes on somewhere...
(15:11:52) MechtiIde: tomorrow morning it will start
(15:12:25) _Nesshof_1 left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(15:12:28) MechtiIde: and I resume: the next milestone is OOO310_m4 with loc35
(15:12:53) _Nesshof_2: MechtiIde: no, i think this will be a m5 or m6
(15:13:09) Stefan___b: m4 already "growing"?
(15:13:11) MechtiIde: so we get some milestone before?
(15:13:37) _Nesshof_2: i expect at least a m4 without loc35
(15:13:37) MechtiIde: ok when can we expeckt OOo310m4?
(15:13:48) MechtiIde: expect
(15:14:10) _Nesshof_2: sometime this week
(15:14:30) _Nesshof_2: prob. thursday
(15:19:16) blauwal [] entered the room.
(15:19:46) _Nesshof_2: blauwal: RE duties this week ?
(15:20:03) blauwal: same as last week
(15:20:15) blauwal: OBO (DEV300)
(15:20:23) blauwal: KZ (OOO310)
(15:20:41) _Nesshof_2: anything else for today ?
(15:22:04) sophi: it's ok for me
(15:22:14) _Nesshof_2: ok,by

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