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Since some time EIS now has a status overview about tinderbox builds on ChildWorkspaces. The tinderbox status messages are available on the main CWS overview pages.

Critical is when the color in those status messages is red for one of the platforms, because this indicates that the build broke on that platform.

Here´s a short list what can be done to get more information about such tinderbox build breakers:

1.) Go to the CWS Overview page in EIS and look at the tinderbox status The only thing of interest is when the color is red somewhere, which indicates that the build broke on that platform.

2.) On that EIS page there is a link below the headline "Tinderbox" with a text like "<cwsname> is open as of <date>". Klick on that link.

3.) You are now at the tinderbox overview page for that ChildWorkspace. There is a table with build dates as rows and platform as columns.

4.) If there have been build breakers or if the build output contained warnings there will be a colored cell at that build-date/platform combination. Inside that cell there is the letter "L" with a Link. Click on that link.

5.) A popup box is now opening containing the links "View Summary Log" and "View full Log". Later is just the output of the "build" command. In case of a build breaker you will usually find the error from the C++ Compiler, linker, java compiler etc. in the last lines of that Log file. "View Summary Log" contains just those lines of the log near a warning or error and the last few lines. So click on that "View full Log" and have a look at the last few lines.

If you are the owner of the CWS and can´t fix the problem yourself (eg. because it is system specific and you do not have acesss to that platform) an alternative is to seek help from porters of that platform. You can use either use the mailinglist or ask around on IRC ( server: channel: ) - some porters are usually around on that IRC channel.

Note that there is currently no possiblity to manually trigger a rebuild of tinderbox, but tinderbox will automatically put the CWS back into it´s queue of to be build things when it detects that there have been CVS commits on a ChildWorkspace. Thus effectifly a CVS commit (which you´d surely would have to do anyway when you fixed something) effectively forces a new build.

In the future it is planned that buildbots will send their results also to tinderbox. When this feature will become available you can request a new build on a buildbot to have the tinderbox status being updated.

A red status can sometimes also have other causes than actual bugs it´s possible that there is a build breaker because of missing modules, something being tagged wrong on anoncvs etc.

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