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This wiki page is for Apache OpenOffice 3.4 testing result. Please volunteer do not place detail testing result for specific test case if have. Instead,following below rul e rule to give testing results:

  • Platform
  • Build
  • Component you conduct testing
  • Feature you conduct testing
  • General testing result as:
 *How many bugs you reported
 *What they are
 *Other issues you want to highlight in result

IP Cleanup

IP Clearnup Testing Result:

Library What is changing User Impact Testing Result
lp_solve lp_solve is being replaced by CoinMP This functionality is invoked by the user in Calc via Tools->Solver. It is used for solving linear programming problems, including integer programming.

CoinMP comes from the Coin-OR open source project, an open source project that involves operations research professionals and includes cutting edge algorithms.

According to one research paper CoinMP offers superior performance compared to lp_solve. So the overall user impact from this change should be positive.

row 1, cell 5
xpdf The xpdf source code was removed PDF import can only be built when the poppler library is pre-installed on the system. It will not be part of the binary release. No test required
MySQL Connector/C++ MySQL connector can only be built when the C++ connector is pre-installed on the system. It will not be part of the binary release.

It impact extension MySQL Connector for not function in OpenOffice

libwpd The libwpd library is being removed from the product.
3rd party/external library gentiumbasic-fonts & liberation-fonts Remove fonts from product. A useful set of high quality fonts, mostly equivalent to those from MS.
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