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For AOO 3.4, based on the release test plan, no detail test cases. Instead, general testing will be done against specific platform and specific editor with some focus. Below table give the AOO 3.4 testing focus:

AOO 3.4 test focus:

IP Cleanup Test Cases

Here is the AOO 3.4 IP Cleanup and Impact:

Please volunteer update below table for your test cases against each specific library change in IP cleanup. First row is one sample.

Library What is changing User Impact Test Cases
lp_solve lp_solve is being replaced by CoinMP This functionality is invoked by the user in Calc via Tools->Solver. It is used for solving linear programming problems, including integer programming.

CoinMP comes from the Coin-OR open source project, an open source project that involves operations research professionals and includes cutting edge algorithms.

According to one research paper CoinMP offers superior performance compared to lp_solve. So the overall user impact from this change should be positive.

Create scenario followed by Excel solver sample, then solution is able to be found.


xpdf The xpdf source code was removed PDF import can only be built when the poppler library is pre-installed on the system. It will not be part of the binary release.

It impact extensions Oracle PDF Import Extension not function in OpenOffice

No test required
MySQL Connector/C++ MySQL connector can only be built when the C++ connector is pre-installed on the system. It will not be part of the binary release.

It impact extension MySQL Connector for not function in OpenOffice

SVG: librsvg, libcroco, libgsf, gdk-pixbuf, glib, gettext, pango These libraries are being removed from the product. Instead of using an external SVG rendering library, Apache OpenOffice 3.4 will feature native SVG support, giving high quality, scalable, standards-compliant rendering on screen, print and PDF export.
libwpd The libwpd library is being removed from the product. The WordPerfect filter ("WordPerfect Document (.wpd)") won't be available anymore. No replacement unless someone creates a filter extension that can be installed separately.
3rd party/external library gentiumbasic-fonts & liberation-fonts Remove fonts from product. A useful set of high quality fonts, mostly equivalent to those from MS. Create sample file in OO 3.3 with text font set to "Liberation Sans Narrow", "Gentium Basic" and "Gentium Book Basic"

Open it in OO 3.4 with svn rev. 1212451.

Document loaded successfully, and font display same as OO 3.3.

New a document in OO 3.4 There is no font named as "Liberation Sans Narrow", "Gentium Basic" and "Gentium Book Basic"

i18nregexp i18nregexp was replaced by ICU Regular Expressions. No major impact for users; regular expressions will work as usual and be much faster. Some deprecated extended syntax supported in earlier versions may not be available. verify regular expressions works in "Find&Replace" dialog:

open the file then copy the regular expression in cell B1, open "Find&Replace" dialog and paste into search for editbox, click Find button. It should matches cell A3:A5. File:Regexp.ods Find an regression issue, pls refer to bug 118887

fonts (liberation) These fonts are being removed from the distribution due to an incompatible license. Metrically equivalent fonts from Google's ChromeOS have been included as replacements: Tinos, Arimo and Cousine. Moreover, users may independently install liberation fonts to their system, in accordance with their license. so there is no further user impact.
berkeleydb The berkeleydb library is being removed from the distribution due to an incompatible license. The berkeleydb is used for managing extentions and was used for indexing help content.

Managing a handful of extensions using a database was overkill anyways and that is being rectified (118569). The impact is that extensions installed for older versions of OpenOffice have to be re-installed.

core, flute, flow-engine, libbase, libfonts, libformula, liblayout, libloader, librepository, libserializer, libxml Libraries used by the Report Builder extension are being removed due to an incompatible license. Report Builder extension will not be available unless someone works on it as an external extension.


Crystal and Oxygen icons removed. These were used by default in KDE and KDE4 only. The user can still choose other icon sets like galaxy or tango.


You can link to this page for IP Cleanup testing result:

AOO 3.4 Code Change Test Cases

Here is the AOO 3.4 code change:

Please vlounteer update below table for the code change related test cases.

Feature title Task ID Description Dev. Owner Component Test Cases
Improve ODF 1.2 encryption supporte in OOo i117562 The ODF1.2 specification allows to use W3C-specified algorithms to encrypt ODF1.2 documents. The new implementation let the following algorithms be used in case ODF1.2 encrypted document is stored: Start key generation: SHA256 Derived key generation: PBKDF2 Encryption algorithm: AES-256 Checksum generation: SAH256_1K It is possible to let start key and checksum generation use SHA1/SHA1_1K algorithms during storing of ODF1.2 encrypted document by setting the configuration entry org.openoffice.Office.Common/Save/ODF/UseSHA1InODF12 to "true". It is also possible to let Blowfish algorithm be used in this case by setting the entry org.openoffice.Office.Common/Save/ODF/UseBlowfishInODF12 to "true". The storing of encrypted ODF1.1/ODF1.0 documents is not affected. Please see for details. ?? framew Test Cases:
  1. Saving the document with password
  2. Saving the document with signature
  3. Open the protected document, save and reopen

The above scenarios cover writer, impress and calc

row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3 row 2, cell 4 row 2, cell 5 row 2, cell 6

AOO 3.4 General Testing Test Cases

Please volunteer update below table to give your AOO 3.4 General Testing Cases.

Component Feature Test Cases
Impress Numbering and Bullet The testing cover:
  • Apply numbering and bullet for several paragraphs
  • Modify the numbering and bullet for several paragraphs have appliced mixed numbering and bullet
  • Copy paragraph with/without numbering and bullet to one object paragraph which has applied numbering and bullet
  • Undo/redo
Impress Table The testing cover:
  • Copy&Cut&Paste table and table cells
  • Delete&Insert Columns and Rows, include single column and row,and multiple columns and rows
  • Select single column and row, Select multiple columns and rows
  • Merge&Split,include split single cell and multi-cells,include split Horizontally and Vertically.
  • Table Properties, include Borders,Line,Font Effects,Background
  • Undo/Redo
Common Features Security The testing cover:
  • Save with password
  • Save with File Sharing Password
Impress Annimation Effect The testing cover:
  • Add&Remove&Edit Annimation Effects
  • Copy&Paste Annimation Effect
Impress Shape The testing cover:
  • Insert Shape
  • Shape properties in context menu, inculde Line,Area,Text,Position and Size,Arrange,Alignment
  • Undo/Redo
Drawing Editing The testing cover:
  • Copy objects from other files
  • Check the appearance of the objects
Drawing Formatting The testing cover:
  • Modify format of objects in Draw
  • Do some actions, such as copy/paste
  • Check the appearance of the objects
Drawing UI The testing cover:
  • Do some operations to check the UI presents correctly.
Drawing SVG The testing cover:
  • Insert pictures from .svg files.
  • Open .svg files.
  • Export as .svg files.
Drawing PDF The testing cover:
  • Export as .pdf files.
  • Reopen the .pdf files to check the elements whether the same as the original.
Drawing FileOpen The testing cover:
  • Open/ save/ reopen different type of files, such as.odg, .svg, .dxf, etc.
  • Check files can be opened correctly.
Drawing FileSave The testing cover:
  • Open/ save file to different types.
  • Open/ Export files as different types.
  • Check the appearance and properties of saved files.
Calc Format Cell The testing cover:
  • Number format set/change/display
  • Alignment format set/change/display
  • Merge/Unmerge cells
Calc Data The testing cover:
  • Sort
  • Fiter
  • Validity
Calc Chart The testing cover:
  • Create a chart
  • Edit chart
  • Delete chart
Writer Table The testing cover:
  • Create table from menu or toolbar
  • Insert/Delete cell
  • Insert/Delete column/row
Writer Graphic The testing cover:
  • Insert graphic
  • Modify anchor
Writer Changes The testing cover:
  • Show/Hide changes
  • Accept/Reject changes
Calc Hyperlink The testing cover:
  • Insert hyperlink into cell, save, reopen, edit hyperlink, delete hyperlink.
  • undo/redo, font effect, options
  • Try different futher settings.
Writer FileOpen The testing cover:
  • Open/ save/ reopen different type of files, such as.odt, doc, docx.
  • Check files can be opened and displayed correctly.
Calc name range The testing cover:
  • create range, modify range name, modify range region, remove range
  • use name range: in fomula
row 10, cell 1 row 10, cell 2 row 10, cell 3
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