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This script was published by hanya at the OpenOffice Basic, Python, BeanShell, JavaScript.

This script imports scipy.stats to perform calculations into a Writer document.

It was getting a deadlock during the calculation of iexp in numpy.core.machar.MachAr class.

Original code

import sys
# On Linux environment, shipped Python is build with ucs2 on AOO 3.4. 
# So this can not work in general. I used custom ucs4 build.
import threading
scipy = None
class Foo(object):
    """ Scipy wrapper. 
        This class imports scipy module in the different thread to 
        avoid blocking of Python's main thread.
    _scipy = None
    _scipy_stats = None
    def __init__(self):
    def is_imported(self):
        return self.__class__.SCIPY_IMPORTED
    def import_scipy(self):
        """ Import scipy in another thread. """
        if self.is_imported(): return True
        t = threading.Thread(None, self._import_scipy)
        if t.is_alive():
            t.join(5) # importing scipy needs long time
        #if not self.is_imported():
        #    raise Exception("Failed to import scipy.")
        return self.is_imported()
    def _import_scipy(self):
            import scipy as _scipy
            global scipy
            scipy = _scipy
            import scipy.stats as _stats
            self.__class__.SCIPY_IMPORTED = True
        except Exception as e:
    def scipy_stats_describe(self, a):
        if self.is_imported():
            return scipy.stats.describe(a)
        raise Exception("Not imported.")
def run():
    foo = Foo()
    if foo.import_scipy():
        s = foo.scipy_stats_describe((1, 2, 3, 4))
        s = "Failed to import"

Process of the script

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