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OOo Extensions project

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Efforts on moving PyUNO to Python 2.5 continue. Liyuan is pushing this initiatie and has commited the CWS on the UDK mailing list the CWS however is not ready and was sent back on issue 71327.

Python and ships with a python scripting language on it's versions 2.3.4. This Python distribution comes with the uno module which connects the UNO API with the python scripting language. To run this version of Python on Linux you can go to the direct PATH. OOo-Python can be run from the command line as well as you might expect with any other distribution of Python.

Python specific information for Extension creation

To create extensions for python is important that you have enough relation with the UNO components as well sa packaging your code to be able to easily distribute your scripts through the package manager. Please check up the tutorials on how to componetize your code as well as how to deploy remote scripting through a service implementation.

To learn to run Python on Windows you could visit this link for more detail information.

Getting Started

PyUNO Modules

Hacking Arround

Python rules OOo (by B. Bois)

Python rules OOo :-)

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