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As discussed in Workflow Analysis, there are currently a number of modal dialogs which might interrupt the user. These information are given with regard to e.g. wrong paper sizes, transparency or even color gradients. There is a need for a solution which explains the user potential issues without disturbing the usual workflow.



Proposed Designs

This design proposal is based on the Idea Collection, "Contextual Information Bar".

Proposed Information

Inform About Automatic Scaling of Printed Output

This information proposal is based on the Idea Collection, "Inform the user about the actual paper sheet size and maybe about document page or selection size".

Temporary Information (German), Discussion with PL (January 2010):

  • Drucker gibt Liste mit (manchmal: vorhandenen) Papierformaten zurück --> nützt oft nur wenig
  • Zwischen-Fazit: Auch wenn das richtige Papierformat im Drucker vorhanden ist, dann wissen wir das nicht wirklich.
  • Beispiel 1: Falls Drucker das korrekte Format nicht zurück gibt, dann wird das nächste "ähnliche" Format verwendet (geringste Abweichung in Dimension)
  • Vorzugsvariante: Information Bar, denn dieser lässt sich für alle Seiten verwenden --> im schlimmsten Fall eigene primitive Variante, aber allerfrühestens 3.4

Temporary Information, Feedback by PL (February 2010) (PPP Ideas): Answer 2010-02-01 PL: The above proposals look nice, however the text "will be scaled to" is factually incorrect; some of our applications (impress, calc) will layout to the printer specified paper anyway, so the problem does not occur there. Others (writer, draw) will request paper sizes according to what is specified in the document. The contents will then not be scaled in any way. Instead the contents will be printed centered. Perhaps we could find a compromise here, something of the form Crhistoph proposed, but saying "The document specified paper size B5 (<x> cm * <y> cm) is unavailable, instead the current printer paper size A4 (<x> cm * <y> cm) will be used". This would appear over the preview if a mismatch between requested paper size and printer paper size occurs (as far as the driver will let us determine).

Code Changes


Outstanding Issues

  • If people print via shortcut, then the print dialog is omitted. What to do?
  • If native dialogs are used, then we miss the flexibility to add this kind of warning.

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