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[10:56] <arthurb> ericb2: clemat_ ok i'm done and ready for the meeting

[10:57] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat_ : let's go

[10:57] <clemat_> ericb2: ok

[10:57] * ericb2 searching the agenda

[10:59] <ericb2> mostly 1 point : prepare the planning for the project

[10:59] <ericb2> january to march

[10:59] <ericb2> (included)

[10:59] <ericb2> As preliminary, I think we can make a point

[11:00] <ericb2> arthurb: I know you already built your set, and started learning how to debug, right ?

[11:00] <ericb2> clemat_: you, are close to the end of the build

[11:00] <arthurb> ericb2: correct

[11:00] <ericb2> for both, I'm glad to see it was very fast

[11:01] <ericb2> and you'll start to enter more deeply in the code soon

[11:01] <ericb2> the first objective, is clemat_ must finish his build asap

[11:01] <ericb2> thus, you'll play with gdb

[11:02] <ericb2> Back to the planning, I think you'll n'eed two weeks before to be easy with gdb and OOo

[11:02] <ericb2> s/n'eed/need/

[11:03] <clemat_> ericb2: ok

[11:03] <ericb2> means around the 15th february

[11:03] <arthurb> ericb2: what do ou mean by be easy with OOo ?

[11:04] <ericb2> arthurb: be able to 1) build a lib including symbols 2) include it in the set 3) run OOo from gdd 4) set a breakpoint, and hit it as expected, and trace around the breakpoint for any reason

[11:04] <ericb2> s/gdd/gdb:

[11:05] <ericb2> s/gdd/gdb/

[11:05] <ericb2> so I'd would say :

[11:05] <arthurb> ericb2: ok

[11:06] <ericb2> until 14th February -> be easy with gdb . Around 10th February to 19th february, analyze eraser01 changes, and start searching solutions.

[11:06] <ericb2> 19th or 20th february : project review, and validation of the idea

[11:07] <ericb2> end february - 1st week of march : write the code, and show a proof of concept

[11:07] <ericb2> in parallel, once the validation is made : start writing specs (model on the OOo wiki-

[11:08] <ericb2> second project review : around 6th March

[11:09] <ericb2> last project review : I propose 23rd or 24th march (just before the official presentation at school)

[11:09] <ericb2> implementation, working with hg will be done between validation and the last project review

[11:09] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat_ please comment

[11:09] <arthurb> ericb2: sounds great

[11:10] <clemat_> ericb2: it's noted

[11:10] <ericb2> clemat_: arthurb: I use to use Gantt diagrams for such projects.

[11:10] <ericb2> can I ask you to define one (with the essential only) and put it on the wiki  ?

[11:10] <ericb2> as action item for next week IRC meeting  ?

[11:11] <clemat_> ericb2: ok, no problem

[11:11] <arthurb> ericb2: done

[11:11] <ericb2> no, not next week, just after, because I'm not there

[11:11] <ericb2> say the newxt IRC meeting will occur on monday 8th February (hour to be debated)

[11:12] <arthurb> ericb2: 10:30 is ok for us once again

[11:12] <ericb2> arthurb: so next meeting Monday 8th february 10h30 (CET, Paris)

[11:13] <clemat_> ericb2: ok

[11:13] <arthurb> ericb2: that's a deal

[11:13] <ericb2> and the objective is: be able to choose and draw primitives in overlay with Impress

[11:14] <arthurb> ericb2: allright

[11:15] <ericb2> Last but not list: Action Item for the next meeting, and objectives

[11:15] <arthurb> ericb2: it doesn't sound like the hardest assignment

[11:15] <arthurb> ericb2: ok

[11:16] <ericb2> AI1 : provide a Gantt diagram of the project

[11:16] <ericb2> AI2: confirm you both are easy with OOo basics in debugging (got the coming week to practice)

[11:17] <ericb2> even if I'm not there, thorsten and cbosdonnat can help you

[11:17] <thorsten> yep!

[11:18] <ericb2> and the OOo wiki is full of information ;)

[11:18] <ericb2> thorsten: thanks :)

[11:18] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat_ : any question ?

[11:18] <arthurb> ericb2: nope

[11:18] <ericb2> For the record, the log of the meeting is there :

[11:18] <ericb2>

[11:19] <clemat_> ericb2: not from me neither

[11:19] <ericb2> arthurb: clemat_ anyway, the Courchevel Tourism Office provides free wifi, so I'll be able to connect form time to time ;)

[11:20] <arthurb> ericb2: HAHA

[11:20] <ericb2> arthurb:  ;)

[11:20] <arthurb> ericb2: enjoy the slopes

[11:20] <ericb2> arthurb: thanks :)

[11:21] <ericb2> if no other question, we can consider the meeting over. Thanks !

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