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[15:03] <rbircher> Meeting Time

[15:04] <ericb2> rbircher: yes

[15:04] <ericb2> sorry I was helping someone on another channel

[15:04] <rbircher> np

[15:05] <ericb2> Agenda for 14th of December 2007 meeting

[15:05] <ericb2> 1. Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[15:05] <ericb2> 2. Association for Education Project ( a point about )

[15:05] <ericb2> 3. Website

[15:05] <ericb2> 4. Memberlist

[15:05] <ericb2> 5. Last news

[15:06] <ericb2> Point 1 : Welcome people and devs joining Education project

[15:06] <rbircher> yes

[15:06] <ericb2> EmanueleT: vernier_  ?

[15:07] <ericb2> we use to present ourselves, and you are welcome. Just go ahead :)

[15:07] <rbircher> make it simpel welcome all new devs .-)

[15:08] <rbircher> next point?

[15:10] <ericb2> rbircher: let's wait a bit ..

[15:10] <rbircher> All sleeping

[15:10] <ericb2> rbircher: he he :)

[15:10] <ericb2> 2. Association for Education Project ( a point about )

[15:11] <ericb2> A point on the association.

[15:11] <ericb2> Got a contact close to my home, for everything adminstrative. Rendez-vous is taken for monday 14h. Stay tuned.

[15:11] <ericb2> State of the association creation:

[15:11] <ericb2> - the text for status is close to be ready.

[15:11] <ericb2> - proposed association name (if valid) : Association Education et

[15:11] <ericb2> if you have better ideas, please propose ;) I used a french name; more sensible for a french association

[15:12] <ericb2> - Nicolas Jeudy, Fréderic Diaz and me Eric Bachard conttitute the first board ( other are welcome, and I'll ask again for people)

[15:12] <ericb2> - prince of the fee : 10 euros ( to be discussed, of course )

[15:12] <ericb2> + the complete infos on next meeting ( 21th of December )

[15:13] <rbircher> ok good news

[15:13] <ericb2> I have a phone number too, and I think with everything ready, things will be faster. The woman I'll meet is dedicated to administrative tasks

[15:13] <rbircher> from france

[15:13] <ericb2> the good news is we can find sponsors once created

[15:15] <rbircher> In Switzerland, I will found a association too

[15:15] <ericb2> rbircher: great

[15:15] <rbircher> But not only for the education Project

[15:16] <rbircher> At the moment I search people, who ar willing to help

[15:16] <ericb2> ok. How many people do you need to create it ? 3 .. or less or ?

[15:17] <rbircher> The form coutnt 25 Download at the moment

[15:17] <ericb2> rbircher: this is correct

[15:17] <rbircher> 3 in Switzerland yes

[15:18] <rbircher> I will update you next meeting

[15:18] <ericb2> ok

[15:18] <ericb2> Next point ?

[15:19] <rbircher> FYI The form is located at

[15:19] <ericb2> thanks for the link

[15:19] <rbircher> Yes next point

[15:20] <ericb2> don't hesitate to put links in the meeting, thus, they are in the logs for all people who cannot attend

[15:20] <ericb2> 3. Website

[15:21] <rbircher> I know it

[15:22] <rbircher> Nicolas has make a Layout

[15:22] <rbircher> Looks fine, but the Tests are not finished

[15:23] <rbircher> And we most fill it with content

[15:24] * ericb2 did some pub for the website und

[15:26] <rbircher> Thank you for the thanks ;-)

[15:26] <ericb2> rbircher: thank you very much for your time. To you and Nicolas

[15:27] <ericb2> the info about the new design was sent to the mailing list, and all opinions, comments are welcome

[15:27] <rbircher> I think, the site can go on next week

[15:27] <ericb2> rbircher: nice :)

[15:27] * ericb2 will work hard for the association, and go too  ;-)

[15:28] <rbircher> any Question about this topic

[15:28] <rbircher> ?

[15:29] <ericb2> next point ?

[15:29] <rbircher> Ok

[15:29] <ericb2> 4. Memberlist

[15:29] <ericb2> rbircher: go ahead :)

[15:30] <rbircher> We will add a Memberlist on the website

[15:30] <ericb2> rbircher: like the one on Macport site ?

[15:30] <rbircher> It's this ok

[15:30] <rbircher> samething similar

[15:31] <ericb2> rbircher: please do + 1 from me. And if you want to add photos + google thing you're welcome

[15:31] <ericb2> the original link :

[15:31] <rbircher> I think, a little bit more background information about the persons

[15:32] <ericb2> +1 from me

[15:33] <rbircher> I will make a proposal form with the point and present it on the mailing list

[15:33] <ericb2> the previous link was wrong. the correct one is :

[15:34] <ericb2>

[15:34] <ericb2> as yo can see, there is a frappr map + photos, to give us a face

[15:36] <rbircher> I have the idea to create on the top a imagemap with all heads

[15:37] <rbircher> on Click go to the profile

[15:37] <ericb2> rbircher: this looks nice

[15:37] <rbircher> Thats my Idea

[15:37] <ericb2> rbircher: let me know when this is ready for the test website

[15:38] <ericb2> next point ?

[15:38] <rbircher> yes

[15:38] <ericb2> 5. Last news

[15:38] <rbircher> no news from my side

[15:38] <ericb2> some important changes on the wiki : I added a welcome english and french localized

[15:39] <ericb2> lot of changes on the wiki too, for fr side

[15:39] * ericb2 added an array of all Academic contacts for France

[15:40] <ericb2> 22 Academies are existing in France. without ask nor annouce, 5 contacts are ok already

[15:40] <rbircher> Ah yes, i have one news

[15:40] <ericb2> see :

[15:40] <ericb2> rbircher: please

[15:40] <rbircher> i will contact the university of Bern

[15:41] <rbircher> he works a load with OOo

[15:42] <ericb2> rbircher: good idea

[15:42] <ericb2> I know FRederic Diaz does a lot, and he will soon talk about what happens undergound

[15:43] <rbircher> A Idea from me

[15:43] <rbircher> We need a newsscript on the page

[15:43] <rbircher> ?

[15:44] <ericb2> rbircher: yes, and I wanted to forward a request from Mathieu Lalanne : add an rss feed on the page, for Firefox e.g.

[15:44] <rbircher> We most use JavaScript and a external Server for it

[15:44] <ericb2> rbircher: ok

[15:44] <ericb2> rbircher: what about localization ?

[15:44] <ericb2> rbircher: this is important

[15:45] <rbircher> rss, I'm not the Specialist

[15:45] <ericb2> rbircher: let's discuss later about that then

[15:45] <rbircher> no, Nicolas forget the localisation Page links

[15:46] <ericb2> ah, ok. Then I'll ask him directly

[15:46] <ericb2> Last point for me : french localized mailing list

[15:46] <ericb2> Misc mailing lists :

[15:46] <ericb2> Request for : everything education and in french ( pedagogical , courses, ..etc )

[15:46] <ericb2> Take care to forward on mailing list if not education centred, or extensions, or ..

[15:46] <rbircher> ok, thanks

[15:47] <EmanueleT> oh, sorry

[15:47] EmanueleT ericb2

[15:47] <ericb2> EmanueleT: yes ? :)

[15:47] <EmanueleT> I'm Emanuele Tamponi, I'm from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

[15:47] EmanueleT ericb2

[15:47] <EmanueleT> I study Electronic Engineering in Cagliari

[15:48] <EmanueleT> Friends of mine (older than me), have a little company that does a bit of informatics too

[15:49] <ericb2> EmanueleT: nice. thanks for joining us :)

[15:49] <ericb2> EmanueleT: ... and be welcome in Education project :)

[15:50] <EmanueleT> thank you :-)

[15:50] <rbircher> Welcome EmanueleT

[15:51] <ericb2> EmanueleT: if you have ideas, suggestions, or want to do something because you have the skills, please tell us

[15:51] <rbircher> Next meeting?

[15:51] <EmanueleT> ericb2: ok... but probably I will not be of much help until I'll finish my exam session this year

[15:52] <EmanueleT> it ends on February

[15:52] <rbircher> December 21th 2007?

[15:52] <ericb2> EmanueleT: Then I wish you the best for your exams, and waiting, you can invite people to join, talk about what we do , we exist ..etc ?

[15:53] <EmanueleT> ok!

[15:53] <ericb2> EmanueleT: we need visibility, and this can seriously help us. thanks !

[15:53] <ericb2> rbircher: before talk about next meeting, I'd like to say in misc:

[15:54] <ericb2> I'll prepare a roadmap for France, asap. We have to create a network of contacts, analyze the situation, and report it there

[15:55] <ericb2> e.g. report the 5 most annoying issues, raise the corresponding issues ... etc

[15:55] <ericb2> that's all I wanted to say

[15:55] <ericb2> rbircher: next meeting ?

[15:56] <rbircher> ok

[15:56] <ericb2> rbircher: looks like the current hour is not the best one. Maybe choose another one ?

[15:57] <rbircher> We can ask on the mailing list

[15:57] <ericb2> rbircher: hmm, then we never will find a compromise.

[15:57] <ericb2> rbircher: I propose to keep that one, and ask for another

[15:58] <ericb2> rbircher: the next meeting is 21th of DEcember, but th next one will be in 2008,

[15:58] <ericb2> january

[15:58] <rbircher> Yes your right

[15:58] <ericb2> Next will be in the week 1, say from 2nd to 5t of January 2008

[15:59] <rbircher> No, the next will be in 21th

[16:01] <rbircher> or I'm wrong?

[16:01] <ericb2> rbircher: next will be 21th , and the next after this one will be in January 3008, because I think we won't have one on 28th december

[16:02] <ericb2> rbircher: but if people ask for it, no problem for me

[16:02] <ericb2> rbircher: the point is, some people won't work, and Christmas + New Year slows down the dev ;-)

[16:02] <rbircher> January 3008 lol

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