Porting to x86-64 (AMD64, EM64T)

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Current status

The x86-64 port is work in progress. It is not ready for use yet, but it compiles (with quite large set of patches), and performs basic operations. It is of no use for non-developers.

Help is appreciated, join the project! :-)

The work is based on ooo64bit02 Child Workspace (CWS). The problem is that this CWS is too huge to be integrated - it would be an incredible task for the QA. The idea is to split it to smaller CWSes and get them integrated one by one.

More info:

How to get it

All the available and the most recent patches are in ooo-build; you can see them here. See the general Getting It, Building, Installing, Running sections for ooo-build.

Be sure to specify one of the 64bit distros (like SUSE-64 - recommended, Debian64, etc.) during the ./configure time (--with-distro= configure switch), it will apply the 64bit patches then.

It is very probable that you'll have problems with Java - some of the VM's have problems to build OOo on x86-64.


You have to have a 64bit Java installed. The following are known to work:

  • gcj 4.0.1 - e.g. in SUSE 10.1 installation, works out of the box
  • Blackdown Java - reported to work

How to help


  • Compile it
  • Find a bug (crash, missing functionality, ...)
  • Fix it ;-) It might be either in the ooo-build patches, or up-stream
  • File the problem & the solution to the IssueZilla if it is up-stream, or send it to openoffice@lists.ximian.com if it is in the ooo-build patches
    • Ensure that you CC 'kendy', 'pjanik', and 'cmc' on the report to get a quick response
  • If the underlying problem is a new problem archetype - try to find & fix all other instances of it

The most important task now is to isolate fixes from ooo64bit02, and get them up-stream. Once the official OpenOffice.org builds on x86-64, it will be much easier to get more people involved, and to fix bugs more effectively.

Should you have questions, please contact caolan, kendy, martink, or paveljanik on IRC.

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