Porting Roadmap

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Porting Roadmap

OpenOffice.org 2.1 (December 2006)

Windows Vista

Enable Windows Vista Features [[1]]

Visual Studio C++ Express build

Make OpenOffice.org compile with Microsoft Visual C++ Express [[2]]

OpenOffice.org 2.2 (March 2007)


Make OpenOffice.org run with cygwin mingw toolchain

OpenOffice.org 2.x (September 2007)

Linux 64bit



more information to come soon

OpenOffice.org 3.0 (October 2008)

MacOSX native port

Works nicely! Mac OSX has become a primary platform for OpenOffice.org project.

Windows 64bit

Port for Windows XP x64

not in scope

Port for Palm OS

Port for Palm OS

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