Porting Efforts

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Porting Efforts

  1. Get the Sources (http://download.openoffice.org/ -> Other Versions -> Source )
  2. Tweak the configure script (config_office/configure.in)
  3. check for a suitable C/C++ Compiler (gcc 4.x recommended) and (optional) java compiler
  4. check the third party libraries if already ported to your system ( External/Modules )
  5. check if the type of the graphical user interface is already supported by OpenOffice.org, currently Win32 API, X11 Window System and Mac Aqua are supported User Interfaces. If your system does not have one of these GUI most of the porting efforts needs to be done in the VCL module within the GSL OpenOffice.org project
  6. port the UNO bridge to your C++/Architecture
  7. run and test your port (the fun part !)
  8. integrate your changes back to the OpenOffice.org code base

For further questions and support please subscribe to the dev at porting.openoffice.org mailing list

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