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This page describe a roadmap of Pootle integration of native languages.

Currently(Dec. 2007), there are 8 languages uploaded to Pootle. We plan to upload as many as languages to Pootle by community's requests.

Pootle Integration Schedule

Language Integration Schedule
Arabic Done
Catalan Done
Italian Done
Kurdish Done
Occitan-lengadocian Done
Russian Done
Spanish Done
Swedish Done
Dutch Jan. 24th, 2008
Finnish Jan. 24th, 2008
French Jan. 24th, 2008
German Jan. 24th, 2008
Simplified Chinese Jan. 31th, 2008
Traditional Chinese Jan. 31th, 2008
Japanese Jan. 31th, 2008
Korean Jan. 31th, 2008
Hungarian Feb. 15th, 2008
Polish Feb. 15th, 2008
Portuguese Feb. 15th, 2008
Portuguese (Brazil) Feb. 15th, 2008
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