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Announcing new Releases and Linking to Mirrors

Help us to help our users

The release of a new 'final' version of OpenOffice.org is always an exciting time for the Community. The publicity created by a new release helps us to get our message into the media, and encourages many new users to try the software for the first time. Every user of OOo can help spread the OOo message.

It is important that people's first impression of OpenOffice.org is a positive one - including the download process. For this reason, it is very important for us that no public announcements are made until the full international mirror network is ready and prepared to meet the demand for downloads. This typically takes 24 hours from the new version being released.

To give our users the best possible first impression of OOo:

  • Please resist the temptation to blog / talk to the media about a new release being available until the official announcement has gone out on announce@openoffice.org and/or on the OOo Home Page.
  • Please always direct people to the official download page and do not provide direct links to mirrors.

If you follow these guidelines we can ensure that new users get the best possible first impression of OOo.

Thanks from the whole OOo Community!

Items not listed on download wizard

Of interest to only a small number of people, a few files may never be listed on the download wizard. When linking to these files from public web sites, please link to the mirrors list <http://distribution.openoffice.org/mirrors/> with instructions on how to find the file.

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