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List of efforts needed to create a Persianization

What issues need to be fixed if we want to have a Persianization ? Please take a look at the following issues:

96467 WW8: Change Persian numeral type to English numeral type
95322 Add Database of Persian Words To AutoCorrect Function
90473 Add Persian language to AutoCorrect window setting
95982 Numbers Out Of Text Boundaries In RTL Documents
89429 Change Persian Numbers To English Numbers
95981 Hidden Numbers In RTL Documents
89428 Add Dash Between Persian Words
79797 Enable Persian Numbering support
79796 Implement Persian calendar
64807 Wrong spacing of Old Persian characters
64642 Persian GSI/SDF file for OOo 2.0.3
90559 Persian Script does not display correctly
73438 Persian GSI/SDF file for OpenOffice 2.2
49343 justified text in arabic script inserts random underscore characters
96719 Available Persian Language In Hunspell SpellChecker
96730 English Numeral Instead Persian (Farsi) Numeral In Chart
96765 Place for collect all Persianization issues
96854 Input Field's context menu should allow setting BiDi-defaults
79777 A parenthesis is displayed in wrong direction when placed between Latin words
63126 Arabic text don't Precisely exported to PDF
62413 Text in formula editor should not be right-aligned in RTL
30631 R2L enabled controls
98905 Save and load "Locale setting"
100940 Arabic text exceeds left margin
94649 Change order of characters when opening document If you know another prerequisite then please add it to this list.

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