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Meeting Minutes<br>
Meeting Minutes<br>
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000<br>
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice<br>
Performance Project<br>
Performance Project<br>
Date: 2009/07/17<br>
Date: 2010/01/29<br>
Time: 15:42– 16:49<br>
Time: 16:27– 17:39<br>
Meeting No.: <br>
(4:31:06 PM) liheng: Hi,all <br>
(4:32:21 PM) peter13j: Hi Li Heng<br>
(4:32:45 PM) Malte: Hi Li Heng :) <br>
(4:33:05 PM) xiuzhi: hi all<br>
(4:33:44 PM) Malte: Hi xiuzhi :) <br>
(4:33:57 PM) Malte: I think we can start then. <br>
(4:33:57 PM) xiuzhi: Malte:moin<br>
(4:34:03 PM) Malte: ;) <br>
(4:34:03 PM) liheng: Sorry about that I sent the Mail late<br>
(4:34:27 PM) Malte: Which mail? <br>
(4:34:34 PM) Malte: That one to Dieter wrt the proposal? <br>
(4:34:49 PM) xiuzhi: need we wait mhu and Dieter? <br>
(4:34:54 PM) liheng: the picture of Web based Performance Platform<br>
(4:35:12 PM) Malte: mhu is on vacation. <br>
(4:35:18 PM) Malte: Dieter has an other meeting he couldn't cancel - I will stand in for him. <br>
(4:35:45 PM) liheng: Okay<br>
(4:36:30 PM) Malte: liheng: the last mail I received from you was Dec 10 - project proposal<br>
(4:36:39 PM) Malte: Should I have received something different meanwhile? <br>
(4:37:11 PM) liheng: I sent an hour ago, to your Malte.Timmermann@Sun.COM box<br>
(4:37:39 PM) liheng: peter13j: Did you receive it? <br>
(4:38:08 PM) Malte: I don't have it in my inbox, and also not in my junk folder... :( <br>
(4:38:40 PM) liheng: I just sent another copy to so-redoffice-performance-EXT@sun.com, please check it<br>
(4:39:18 PM) peter13j: liheng: Yes. <br><br>
(4:39:40 PM) liheng: Malte:Please check it again:) <br>
(4:40:00 PM) Malte: Got it now! :) <br>
(4:40:19 PM) liangjun: hello all<br>
(4:40:24 PM) liangjun: :) <br>
(4:40:40 PM) liheng: I think it would be sent out, but our mail server has some trouble this:( <br>
(4:41:13 PM) Malte: Your mail doesn't contain a picture - maybe you only sent ASCII and not HTML... <br>
(4:41:23 PM) liheng: odf-mib:Can I get your mail-address:) <br>
(4:42:07 PM) odf-mib: liheng: Sure. It's michael.brauer at sun.com<br>
(4:42:58 PM) liheng: please check mail again<br>
(4:43:00 PM) liheng: :) <br>
(4:43:35 PM) Malte: Michael is on the mailing list... <br>
(4:43:53 PM) liheng: :) We will talk about these features <br>
(4:45:00 PM) odf-mib: liheng: I received your mail, so Malte seems to be right. <br>
(4:46:06 PM) liheng: I sent another again, with pic and in html format ;) <br>
(4:46:41 PM) liheng: I sent it on Tuesday, but I did not find that it was refused by our server, because I used a ZIP :( <br>
(4:47:34 PM) Malte: Maybe it's refused again? <br>
(4:47:43 PM) Malte: Didn't get the HTML mail yet... <br>
(4:48:09 PM) liheng: :( <br>
(4:49:00 PM) liheng: This time, I paste picture behind the text no attachment<br>
(4:50:48 PM) liheng: But I got it in that list<br>
(4:52:18 PM) Malte: You mean you got the mail you just sent via the list? <br>
(4:52:57 PM) liheng: Yes,in last time<br>
(4:53:30 PM) liheng: Okay I descript the features in text.... <br>
(4:55:20 PM) odf-mib: I also did only get one mail the last few minutes. It's the one without a picture and without an attachment. <br>
(4:55:32 PM) liheng: In this platform, we have 4 roles Observer, Commom Developer, Performance Developer & Administrator<br>
(4:56:18 PM) liheng: odf-mib:I fix my mail after this meeting, we can discuss with my description now. Sorry. <br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Observer<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: View<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Index of Major Vesion<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Performance Diagram<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Case Report<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Compare Benchmark<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Hotspot Analysis Report<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Search<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Module<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Object<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Function<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Submit Performance Case<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Case Document<br>
(4:56:38 PM) liheng: Operation Description<br>
(4:56:58 PM) liheng: It's Observer's functions<br>
(4:58:43 PM) liheng: Common Developer<br>
(4:58:43 PM) liheng: Create Benchmark Case<br>
(4:58:43 PM) liheng: Apply Testing on server<br>
(4:58:43 PM) liheng: Download Benchmark Case<br>
(4:58:43 PM) liheng: Check report<br>
(4:58:52 PM) liheng: These are Common Developer<br>
(4:59:00 PM) liheng: 's functions<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Performance Developer<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Define Index Case<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: User Experience Index<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Tech Index<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Maintain ToDoList<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Maintain Performance Diagram<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Publish Hotspot Analysis Report<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Administrator<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: Backup<br>
(4:59:20 PM) liheng: User Management<br>
(4:59:39 PM) liheng: These are Performance Developer and Administrator<br>
(5:00:16 PM) liheng: And Common Developer also have Observer's functions<br>
(5:01:16 PM) Malte: Sounds interesting :) <br>
(5:01:45 PM) Malte: I only wonder.... <br>
(5:02:02 PM) Malte: It seems to be quite complex and needs some time to implement<br>
(5:02:38 PM) liheng: We can implement it step by step<br>
(5:02:40 PM) Malte: Shouldn't we better start with a "hard coded" test system, and people can get data/status, but not define new cases via web front end? <br>
(5:03:07 PM) Malte: The test system core is what we need first / most urgently<br>
(5:04:04 PM) Malte: The web overhead (user management, roles, test case submission) are nice, but not necessarily needed now<br>
(5:04:15 PM) liheng: Malte:Don't worry, We almost finish the XML base cases system. <br>
(5:04:26 PM) Malte: For me it would be enough in a first version if I can trigger the performance test for a certain master/cws<br>
(5:04:41 PM) liheng: Malte: Don't worry, We almost finish the XML base cases system. <br>
(5:05:19 PM) Malte: I don't argue with that, but I doubt that I can simply define test cases via XML, w/o adding code to OOo<br>
(5:05:35 PM) Malte: At least not w/o having many different performance markup macros right now<br>
(5:06:28 PM) liheng: Benchmark and mapping code of performance diagram is "hard code"<br>
(5:07:01 PM) liheng: XML based description only for descripting user case <br>
(5:08:19 PM) yugq: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Image:Web_based_AutoBenchmark.png<br>
(5:08:20 PM) liheng: It means you can bundle a set of function and execute in one time, and get the report <br>
(5:08:28 PM) Malte: OK, you setup the system, so I am absolutely fine with that :) <br>
(5:08:59 PM) yugq: The picture can be find in the page I just sent. <br>
(5:09:00 PM) Malte: Just let's make sure we have the basics in place soon, and add the "sugar" later.. <br>
(5:09:28 PM) Malte: yugq: Thanks :) <br>
(5:09:32 PM) liheng: Malte,odf-mib:Please view the picture on wiki:) <br>
(5:09:48 PM) liheng: yugq:Thanks<br><br>
(5:09:54 PM) yugq: Malte, Not at all;-) <br>
(5:10:08 PM) yugq: ;-) <br>
(5:10:20 PM) odf-mib: I've seen the package. Thanks. <br>
(5:10:36 PM) odf-mib: Do we plan some priorization of the features? <br>
(5:11:46 PM) liheng: odf-mib: That is I want to get from you<br>
(5:12:18 PM) odf-mib: You = me? Or the performance team? <br>
(5:13:15 PM) liheng: YOU :) Which features you need more <br>
(5:14:26 PM) odf-mib: Well, I think what features we need first is something the team should decide, not me. <br>
(5:15:52 PM) Malte: I think we will discuss the priorization later via email, not now... <br>
(5:16:45 PM) liheng: Malte: Okay<br>
(5:17:42 PM) odf-mib: Malte: I agree<br>
(5:17:45 PM) liheng: Malte: What's the basics, you think<br>
(5:18:36 PM) Malte: Basic for me would be that the tasts can be started manually from you, not via web front end, but people can see results via web front end... <br>
(5:19:39 PM) odf-mib: Malte: Your suggestion sounds good. <br>
(5:19:57 PM) liheng: Yes, "hard code" from us is important to start, .... <br>
(5:21:04 PM) liheng: We really do anything for first version of report, Index, Hotspot and Benchmark result of OOo3.0<br>
(5:21:57 PM) Malte: Sounds good - we should later discuss the technique you use to measure the performance<br>
(5:22:09 PM) Malte: Nothing for this meeting which will end soon<br>
(5:22:19 PM) liheng: But, I want build a platform for all developer's to view their focus<br>
(5:22:32 PM) Malte: liheng: Dieter asked me to clarify 2 things: <br>
(5:22:49 PM) liheng: Malte: Okay,please<br>
(5:23:00 PM) Malte: First thing is the project proposal. <br>
(5:23:07 PM) Malte: Dieter receibed your last comments<br>
(5:23:25 PM) Malte: He will put them in the proposal, and send to Louis today. <br>
(5:23:50 PM) Malte: So I think we can have that project soon :) <br>
(5:24:00 PM) peter13j: :-) <br>
(5:24:00 PM) liheng: It's fine, I already replied to him... <br>
(5:24:13 PM) liheng: But maybe mail server is not find ;) <br>
(5:24:21 PM) Malte: The second thing is the schedule for this meeting<br>
(5:24:43 PM) liheng: this meeting? IRC? <br>
(5:24:45 PM) Malte: It conflicts with an other important meeting Dieter and I have all 3 weeks<br>
(5:24:53 PM) Malte: Yes the IRC... <br>
(5:25:17 PM) Malte: Could we do it an other day of the week? <br>
(5:25:26 PM) liheng: We have only one topic about the features :) <br>
(5:25:45 PM) liheng: Topic: <br>
(5:25:45 PM) liheng: Features and Roles of Web based Performance Platform. <br>
(5:26:10 PM) Malte: I didn't say topic/agenda, but schedule... <br>
(5:26:31 PM) Malte: This meeting time doesn't work for Dieter and me long term<br>
(5:27:00 PM) liheng: yes, you can change another day of the week<br>
(5:27:47 PM) Malte: Dieter suggested Friday the same time - but I just realized that this wouldn't work for odf-mib<br>
(5:28:13 PM) Malte: liheng: Would Friday same time work for you, so I clarify with odf-mib later? <br>
(5:28:26 PM) liheng: Yes<br>
(5:28:35 PM) Malte: Great :) <br>
(5:28:58 PM) liheng: Tomorrow is Friday, <br>
(5:29:08 PM) liheng: Will we meet again? <br>
(5:29:12 PM) Malte: Yes, but our next meeting would start in January<br>
(5:29:51 PM) odf-mib: Malte: I think the question was whether we meet tomorrow<br>
(5:29:56 PM) Malte: January 9, because all people here will be on vacation in between<br>
(5:30:08 PM) Malte: odf-mib: yes, and I said January<br>
(5:30:24 PM) Malte: There was some overlap, but of course we wouldn't meet tomorrow again ;) <br>
(5:31:25 PM) liheng: See you January 9<br>
(5:31:52 PM) liheng: Merry Christmas<br>
(5:31:54 PM) liheng: :) <br>
(5:32:00 PM) xiuzhi: Friday is fine for me<br>
(5:32:20 PM) Malte: Great, then we meet January 9<br>
(5:32:35 PM) Malte: Happy x-mas for all of you :) <br>
(5:32:38 PM) peter13j: So, 'froehliche Weinachten und guten Rutsch' to all in Hamburg. <br>
(5:32:59 PM) odf-mib: Happy Christmas for all of you :) <br>
(5:33:03 PM) peter13j: ... Weihnachten ... <br>
(5:33:10 PM) yugq: x-mas! bye all:) <br>
(5:33:21 PM) odf-mib: bye all<br>
(5:33:22 PM) liangjun: :) <br>
(5:33:26 PM) liheng: Bye<br>
(5:33:30 PM) Malte: bye :) <br>
(5:33:32 PM) peter13j: bye, read you in 2009<br>
(5:33:35 PM) liangjun: bye <br>
(5:33:55 PM) Malte: liheng: bye :) <br>
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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/01/29
Time: 16:27– 17:39


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