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The new performance project just started, and we have to sort out our next todo's.

For now, you might use my old list from 2005, which might be a little bit outdated. Maybe you find some hints in the area of your expertise where you want to start working on: Performance Activities as of 2005.

Moved here from the main performance wiki page:

Known areas for improvement


Component issues

system issues

  • Linux / Linking - relocation processing is very slow ( ogg video, odp slides ) several possible ways to fix that
    • re-ordering symbol & elf hash tables to improve cache locality, lots of good & simple ideas here.
    • -Bdirect implementation [1] - gaining little traction.
    • exporting Vague linkage more cleverly & using RTLD_LOCAL where possible
    • basic linker optimizations:
      • don't export *UND* in .hash table
      • sort syms & dynsym entries more intelligently
      • .hashvals optimisation
  • Linux / I/O scheduling & pre-loading is poor

General I/O & memory issues

  • Image strip layout - our images strips are huge & unwieldy, layed out horizontally and are 'cached' in scattered files - this is fixed in CWS ka009, which never seems to get integrated.
  • Configuration information scattered across many files
  • UI configuration - tons of scattered files
  • .rdb files - loads of empty space, mmap + random access pattern

Work List and Progress

  • Configmgr re-factor, reduces locking overhead & memory usage cf. CWS configrefactor01
  • XML Load
  • Config refactor - reduce seeks/files, better caching
  • Disk Access
  • -Bdirect linking
  • FIXME - Malte - we should really have your list embedded here ...
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