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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/06/21
Time: 16:03– 16:39


(4:03:28 PM) mhu: Hi all, sorry for being late
(4:04:03 PM) yujinliang: hi all
(4:04:13 PM) liangjun: mhu: hi :)
(4:04:48 PM) Lih: Hi,sorry i'm late
(4:06:05 PM) Lih: Let's update our status
(4:06:08 PM) mhu: I have also been late, so don't worry :-)
(4:07:06 PM) Lih: Hi,mhu
(4:07:20 PM) mhu: Hi Li Heng
(4:07:29 PM) mhu: as Lih ?
(4:08:51 PM) Lih: Yeah,I am not in office!
(4:10:08 PM) yujinliang: this week , I try to study how to port openoffice to mips platform,
(4:10:42 PM) yujinliang: that is my status.
(4:10:52 PM) ***mhu is working from home today, also; so that I can watch the german soccer / football game in a couple hours :-)
(4:11:45 PM) Lih: My status:Still on partial loading
(4:11:51 PM) liangjun: oh, I will watch the game too :)
(4:12:11 PM) mhu: yujinliang: Ah, interesting; you know that there should be a working mips port ? I think it is maintained by RedHat, in person
(4:13:05 PM) yujinliang: yes, i know a little about it
(4:13:23 PM) mhu: btw, isn't the longsoon (is it written this way) processor, that is mips compatible ?
(4:14:47 PM) liangjun: my status: I had finished the xmloff module update, and now It will can work two pages, and when the page number is big two, It will error.
(4:14:55 PM) mhu: yujinliang: so, ideally it should compile out of the box
(4:15:20 PM) yujinliang: loongson is mips compatible
(4:15:44 PM) mhu: yujinliang: ah, yes: loongson, not longsoon
(4:16:59 PM) mhu: liangjun: xmloff, and your email questions: I think I need to think more about it; I cannot simply answer, without looking deeper into the object relationships like you did.
(4:18:36 PM) mhu: ...but, I think you definitely need to work your way through the details, even if it is indeed some work to do; probably debugging / single stepping can also help to understand the data flow, should it not be clear from reading the code.
(4:19:31 PM) liangjun: mhu: thank you. now It will work two pages well, but when more pages It can't work well. I will update the cws .
(4:23:51 PM) liangjun: yes,I wish I can know the detail. but it is hard to know every thing. If don't know it clear; can't know how to solve it.
(4:23:53 PM) mhu: my status: still not much time to work on performance related tasks (cws with store *.rdb changes currently on hold); busy with integration into oracle.
(4:25:16 PM) mhu: liagjun: yes, understood; but I fear, I don't know the details either, at least not with the necessary depth, that you seem to need to solve that problem; so, I can mostly give only general advise.
(4:25:35 PM) mhu: s/liagjun/liangjun/ sorry
(4:26:33 PM) mhu: ...otherwise, I would to dive into the code as deep as you do, and than I would solve the problem and not you
(4:26:46 PM) mhu: ...and thus take away your work
(4:27:20 PM) mhu:, I try to help where I can, but it shall remain your work, I think.
(4:28:05 PM) liangjun: mhu: ok, your advise is very important to me :)
(4:35:30 PM) mhu: liangjun: you're welcome.
(4:35:31 PM) Lih: Do you have more for today?
(4:35:56 PM) mhu: Lih: No, I dont have more for today
(4:36:41 PM) liangjun: :) all fo me
(4:37:06 PM) Lih: I am on low network today!:(
(4:37:20 PM) Lih: That'sa
(4:37:35 PM) mhu: okay, then bye all, and have a nice weekend.
(4:37:41 PM) Lih: That's all for me !
(4:37:57 PM) liangjun: bye have a nice weekend.
(4:38:08 PM) yujinliang: bye all , have a nice weekend
(4:38:09 PM) Lih: Bye all and have a nice weekend!
(4:38:32 PM) Lih: liangjun: Please save the log
(4:38:49 PM) liangjun: Lih: ok
(4:39:17 PM) liangjun: Will I send mail to you?


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/06/11


<LiHeng>Hi, kuangliang?
<LiHeng>Hi :)
<LiHeng>How about the status of quickstart? do you check it? i forgot send you the location of code:(
<yujinliang>i am studying it
<LiHeng>I just send the path "sfx2\source\appl\shutdowniconunx.cxx" to you vie email <yujinliang>but today i major on commiting my cws to release for integration
<yujinliang>ok , i must study it deeply
<LiHeng>Don't worry about it, this work is not quite emergence
<yujinliang>i see, i should make effort to study it as soon as possible
<LiHeng>thanks, but don't forget document something for our book :)
<yujinliang>I think , from quickstart starting application is more fast than IPC , is normal
<yujinliang>becacuse it need not parse command arguments and etc.
<LiHeng>May a little advantage on speed is normal
<mhu>Hi all, sorry for being late...
<LiHeng>Hi mhu, don't mind it. ;)
<mhu>I may not have much time today ...
<yujinliang>you are welcom
<yujinliang>hi mhu
<liangjun>hi mhu :)
<kuangliang>hi mhu
<mhu>I am expectinga Plumber in a couple of minutes (I think), to look after our warm water.
<mhu>Hi all together :-)
<mhu>but I have time until he arrives, so lets go ?
<LiHeng>ok, let's update status, quickly:)
<LiHeng>My status:Still working on the filter of sd for partial loading, ...
<mhu>...and I still need to think about possible solutions, and maybe we need again talk about "UNO threading model"
<LiHeng>to cache the data & position in odp document for page loading when it is rendered
<yujinliang>This week , i have no more for update, except i major on fixing ooo and redoffice bug, and have some few time to study ooo bootstrap and IPC, that `s for all .
<liangjun>my status : still work on xmloff . I want to let every thread work on his own data; I can split it on xmloff module, but I don't know the other module like
<liangjun>svx, sd etc.
<LiHeng>yes, I just discussed with liangjun about "UNO threading model" , we think we can move thing object processing into a thread but everything
<mhu>yes, xmloff classes are often base classes; svx, sw et al. often derive from xmloff base classes
<liangjun>mhu: yes , I think so
<mhu>I think, to look at the objects may be a good approach
<LiHeng>Okay, we are going to try this way. Thanks!
<liangjun>LiHeng:mhu: yes, I'm read the source code, but It is too many,
<mhu>yes, the amount of code actually is a problem
<LiHeng>Certainly, There are 5,000,000+ lines in OOo
<liangjun>and I wish to find the rules from the code.
<mhu> understanding / maintaining the code, and even more so when you want to change something
<mhu>well, it is even approx 10 Million LOC
<liangjun>I find the svx is the main module
<mhu>what do you mean with "main" module ?
<liangjun>where we can solve the problem
<mhu>well, svx is supposed to the shared base for sw, sc, sd, but in fact it contain much of Impress, Draw (instead of sd)
<mhu>ah okay, understood
<liangjun>yes, I thank so.
<LiHeng>That's all for me today
<mhu>okay, I also dont have more for today (and the plumber is already at our neighbor and will then come to us).
<LiHeng>Bye all, and have a nice week end! :)
<mhu>Bye all, have a nice weekend, too :-)
<liangjun>Bye all,

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