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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/05/28



Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/05/21



Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/05/07


<mhu>Hi all
<liangjun>mhu: hi
<LiHeng>hi, mhu
<mhu>Hi LiHeng, liangjun
<LiHeng>Let's update our status
<mhu>hi yujinliang
<yujinliang>hi mhu
<liangjun>mhu:LiHeng: these week, I'd update my source code to m77, and had update to
<mhu>liangjun: could you push your changes to ? the server was down for most of the week, I thought.
<LiHeng>My status:Update website of Benchmark-system to alert some information and number when performance has a big change
<liangjun>mhu: yes ,I push my changes today. :)
<mhu>liangjun: ah, okay, that explains it :-)
<yujinliang>sorry , i must leave for some other things
<LiHeng>My status 2: To work on partly loading, try to move my code into a import filter extension.
<mhu>do you somehow synchronize your work of partly loading and parallel loading ?
<liangjun>:) , now the source can compile. but now It has some warning.
<mhu>liangjun: okay ... have you already tested your code ? (and can you fix the warnings ?)
<LiHeng>Yujinliang need to change his station in our office, today. :)
<liangjun>I'm fixing the error. It can't work right.
<LiHeng>mhu: How about the help code of benchmark in tools?
<mhu>liheng: good question, I'm sorry that I did not yet manage to actually review the code; as I said, I am somewhat busy with (internal sun/oracle integration) task, mainly and have not so much time left. But I will sometime look into it.
<LiHeng>No problem, :), but I think I can work out some reports on OOo3.2 to test our system:)
<liangjun>Sorry, I do't fix the synchronization of the ODF parallel load. and I don't know more other module.
<liangjun>I can't know it is debug or designs error. I wish some helper and advise:). of couse I will try to find and fix the error.
<LiHeng>Okay,that all for me. It's jumbled that many people need to change their station now.
<mhu>liangjun: sorry, I was not clear: I was asking whether you and Li Heng sychronize the work that each of you do, one work on parallel loading, the other one on partial loading; do you have a common plan how the result of loading should look like?
<mhu>liangjun: I try to look into loadofd cws, when I find some time, and see whether I can help to debug problems.
<LiHeng>different respects of loading
<LiHeng>zengliangjun has been working on parallel processing document object when a document loading
<LiHeng>and I am working on partly loading , that a function can parse and process the document object that render functions need to get
<mhu>LiHeng: yes, understood. you work on different aspects, but what happens when both your changes are integrated? i.e. both cws integrated, do we have partial and parallel loading then?
<liangjun>mhu: thank you. I wish you can help me check my design is right or no. I do't finish the package and linux implement. So you can't debug directly.
<mhu>liangjun: multithreading sometimes can be debuggged best with pencil and paper (i.e. check and verify the design)
<mhu>...and with code reviews.
<LiHeng>maybe both, but at first i think we can choose the better one to integrate into OOo
<LiHeng>Because, parallel loading maybe have more advantages if we know which document objects need to be parallel :)
<liangjun>LiHeng:mhu: Yes, I wish you can reviews my code simple. the implement is right or no :)
<liangjun>It can't work right sometimes and error sometimes. :)
<mhu>LiHeng: okay, understood. yes, maybe we first need to test the tow aspects, and decide then which is better. <liangjun>It is the main thing is I can't find the problem, and fix it.
<mhu>liangjun: I try to find / make some time for code reviews.
<liangjun>mhu: thank you.
<LiHeng>mhu: Thanks, you are very kind!
<mhu>liangjun: you're welcome
<mhu>okay, I also don't have more for today; except that we have a public holiday next Thursday, and I have a day vacation on Friday also. So, maybe we can have no meeting next week.
<mhu> that I have a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday next week.
<liangjun>Okay,that all for me.
<mhu>LiHeng: so, shall we finish for today ?
<liangjun>mhu: yes
<mhu>liangjun: LiHeng already disconnected ?
<liangjun>He maybe have some problems with network.
<mhu>okay, then bye all, and have a nice weekend; see you in two weeks, May 21.
<liangjun>okay :)

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