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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/04/16


<mhu>Hi all
<liangjun>mhu: Hi:)
<liangjun>hi all
<LiHeng>Let's update our status
<LiHeng>My status: I do nothing about performance this week, because I had attended Intel Tech Conference Beijing.
<liangjun>my status: I continue solve the parallel load problem.
<liangjun>and I plan the new slove, and test it. it will be
<liangjun>mhu: thank you
<LiHeng>mhu: When will we can integrate benchmark helper code into OOo? Do you plan to review them?
<mhu>LiHeng: yes, sorry that I have not yet had the time to look into it; but yes, I will review it, and yes, I think it could be integrated if nothing is wrong with it.
<yujinliang> yes, but liheng`s computer has some wrong.
<mhu>yujinliang: yes, I have seen LiHeng disconnecting (and now reconnecting)
<mhu>...and have wondered whether you others are still there ...
<LiHeng>I am be reset from time to time :(
<mhu>now we have kuangliand and liangjun also dis-/re-connected ?
<LiHeng>okay, I suggest we close this meeting and discuss in email.
<mhu>s/kuangliand/kuangliang/ sorry
<liangjun1>mhu: oky
<LiHeng>thank for you understanding
<mhu>okay, yes we can use email. Have a nice weekend.
<LiHeng>Bye and have a nice weekend


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/04/09


<yujinliang>hi all
<cd_oo> hi all :-)
<mhu>Hi all
<mhu>I am late ?
<LiHeng>Hi all
<mhu>good, thanks
<cd_oo>I have nothing to report today as I am still working on rebranding.
<LiHeng>It seems next week at UTC 8:00
<cd_oo>What about the valgrind-guided binary layout optimization Michael Meeks provided to the performance mailing list?
<mhu>LiHeng: yes, next week 8:00 UTC
<mhu>well, 2 partial answers ...
<liangjun>mhu: thank you, :)
<mhu>first, I think I wont have the time to deeper look into it within the next few weeks
<mhu>second, I think, the necessary toolchain is still in a very experimental state, so I would want to wait anyway <mhu>third, yes, that may be an interesting optimization :-)
<mhu>(so, that was 3 partial answers)
<LiHeng>cd_oo: I think we can track with this idea but not try it immediately
<cd_oo>Ok, I see. I am not a Unix expert but I used the same idea to optimize the layout of the Windows libraries. Unfortunately, due to linker limitation the success was very limited. On some libraries I could see much better load times.
<LiHeng>My status: I made new chart of benchmark system and reset all check-point into OOo3.2
<liangjun>My status: I 'm still work on the odf load.
<liangjun>My ssh public key not been accept, So I can't use the OOo cws.
<LiHeng>mhu: liangjun was just applying for ssh public key to build cws, but it seems not to be accepted, can you help him?
<liangjun>mhu: can you help me. :)
<mhu>yes, can you send to me what you have done so far ? via email would be best, I can then go and see whats up <LiHeng>mhu: Thanks, you are very kind.
<liangjun>mhu: :)., where is my ssh key url. and is my issues.
<mhu>liangjun: okay, that should be enough to start.
<liangjun>mhu: And later I will send mail to you.I had done.
<liangjun>mhu: :) thank you.
<mhu>you're welcome <mhu>please, can we finish early today ?
<LiHeng>That's all for me today, :)
<liangjun>and me
<LiHeng>Bye all, nice weekend!
<mhu>okay, thanks
<mhu>bye all, have a nice weekend
<cd_oo> bye all
<yujinliang>bye all,

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