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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/03/26


<LiHeng>Hi, cd_oo
<cd_oo>LiHeng: Hi LiHeng
<cd_oo>Hi all :-)
<yujinliang>hi all
<liangjun>:) hi
<LiHeng>cd_oo: We tried to process some document objects in thread for partly loading document, but we found some dead lock when create objects, Do you have some experience about that?
<mhu>Hi all, sorry for being late
<LiHeng>just began
<liangjun>mhu: hello
<mhu>Have I missed important things ?
<cd_oo>LiHeng: That's a known problem and I cannot recommend to use OOo in a multithreaded environment.
<LiHeng>I consulted cd_oo about thread and document object
<mhu>ah, okay.
<LiHeng>cd_oo: Okay, I will submit partly loading with single thread first:)
<cd_oo>LiHeng: Yes, that makes sense.
<LiHeng>ah, please update our status.
<mhu>As cd_oo said, it it almost hopeless to do more with threading in the current threading model
<LiHeng>Is it work?
<mhu>well, the basics are supposed to work, yes. It is not yet completely introduced.
<mhu>...i.e. not all components use it (almost no component to be precise).
<mhu>...but it should be in a state where it could be used by components
<LiHeng>oh, I will take my work into it, after I submit first version.
<mhu>we should probably try to involve Kay Ramme, to help you understand and apply the uno threading model, and to help fix issues with it.
<LiHeng>thanks :)
<LiHeng>My status: Integrate partly loading code into OOo3.2 codebase with hg, and change some check point of Benchmark system ...
<LiHeng>make benchmark raw of OOo3.2 and analyze it with new benchmark system
<mhu>...but I will have no time next week, as I am heading to an oracle internal conference next week, and then we have a long Easter weekend.
<mhu>...when I am back, I hope to have some time to look into yugq's benchmark cws.
<LiHeng>Make sense
<cd_oo>My status: Nothing new from my side. I fear that I won't be able to work on performance in the near future. We want to introduce new docking windows and I will be busy implementing it.
<liangjun>status: I'd finished the parallel part code, and had some problem as LiHeng said :).
<LiHeng>New docking windows, do you have some documents of that? WIKI?
<mhu>I hope we can see that working some time in the future, on a cws maybe ?
<LiHeng>All guys our side was working on this issue :)
<cd_oo> LiHeng: No, I am currently working on restructure the code to have a better modularization.
<LiHeng>cd_oo: I see, thanks
<liangjun>mhu: ok
<LiHeng>mhu: Do you know how about new sub-projects about UOF and UOML?
<mhu>LiHeng: only what we were discussing with Dieter, not more.
<mhu>I think, we need Dieter opinion here, not so much mine. I can try to help, though.
<LiHeng>Okay, but we certainly hope we can create those projects and maintain UOF and UOML better
<LiHeng>I will discuss it with Dieter via email.
<LiHeng>That's all for me :)
<mhu>yes, understood. But shouldn't that be efforts with the existing writer, calc, etc projects and not so much seperate projects?
<mhu>yes, lets discuss with Dieter via email, that seems best
<mhu>I dont have more also, and would like to finish early (habe another meeting soon).
<LiHeng>nice weekend
<mhu>we wont have a meeting next friday...
<mhu>that is "good friday" here, the friday before easter
<mhu>...and a public holday


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/03/12


<yujinliang>hi lihen ,i heard you sick do you feel better
<LiHeng>yes better, but still have a bit of fewer, thanks
<LiHeng>hi, cd_oo
<cd_oo> hi all
<LiHeng>cd_oo: Do you know when will OOo3.3 close?
<mhu>Hi all
<mhu>sorry for being late
<cd_oo> LiHeng: I am sorry but I have no idea.
<LiHeng>Hi mhu
<mhu>Hi LiHeng, what have I missed so far ?
<LiHeng>mhu: No, we are just beginning, I sent 2 mails to you, one for CWS of benchmark helper code and the other for new projects of UOML and UOF
<mhu>yes, I have received both, sorry for not yet responding ...
<mhu>I am still discussing with Dieter about your UOF/OUML email ...
<mhu>and I did not yet have time to look into the benchmark cws, hopefully next week.
<LiHeng>All is ok, and I hope benchmark and partly loading/saving can integrate into OOo
<mhu>Maybe a first comment on the UOF / UOML question: we think, either the existing Writer project (or xml project) could be a perfect host for the UOF undertaking. not sure whether it should be an independent project on its own. no good idea for UOML so far.
<mhu>but that is only our initial thinking
<mhu>we will respond via email, I think
<mhu>as to integrating code: yes, I hope it can integrate, too.
<LiHeng>Writer project is fine to UOF, and I think UOML can take into same project which process export PDF <mhu>okay, I will forward that idea to Dieter also.
<LiHeng>Okay, we are going to update status now :)
<LiHeng>My status, change my version control tools to hg...
<LiHeng>... and arrange partly loading into 4 tasks ,document for its design.
<LiHeng>mhu: Long time ago, we talked about new thread-model, Do you know what status it is?
<mhu>Well, not sure, at least the status has probably not changed since then :-)
<mhu>seriously ...
<mhu>I think it can be used, and should something not work as expected, Kay Ramme would probably be able to help and fix / finish missing parts.
<mhu>you could directly email, and CC me, and ask for status and specific questions
<LiHeng>Okay, you are so kind :)
<LiHeng>I think no more update today, close early?
<mhu>well, you're welcome, and I try to help where I can
<mhu>yes, I dont have more for today (hopefully more so next week)
<LiHeng>okay, that all today,
<mhu>okay, bye all then, have a nice weekend
<LiHeng>Bye all and nice weekend.
<yujinliang>bye all


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of ORACLE with RedOffice
Performance Project

Date: 2010/03/05


<mhu>oh, and I thought that I am late :-)
<LiHeng>Hi, all.
<mhu>Hi LiHeng, kuangliang
<LiHeng>Sorry, I'm late.
<mhu>not much later than I was :-)
<LiHeng>Ok, today only kuangliang and I attend this meeting, because others was not in company.
<mhu>Okay; are they still on vacation (spring festival) ?
<mhu>I have no idea, where the Hamburg engineers are today, as I am still working from home now, not from the office <LiHeng>No, someone was sick,
<LiHeng>and others has meetings out of company.
<mhu>I wish all the best for health
<LiHeng>You know, the weather has not been well in china this year.
<LiHeng>-2c degree beijing now :(
<LiHeng>but this monday was 6C degree.
<mhu>yes, this morning we also have -2 deg here where I live (outside Hamburg)
<mhu>the winter also was cold for ~10 weeks in a row, happens very seldom
<LiHeng>liangjun is come back :)
<cd_oo>Sorry for being late.
<mhu>hi liangjun, cd_oo
<mhu>we are just chating
<LiHeng>hi cd_oo , liangjun
<LiHeng>let's update our status.
<cd_oo>Ok, I have nothing to report today. Still working on important internal tasks.
<liangjun>LiHeng: :)
<cd_oo>LiHeng:Hi LiHeng
<LiHeng>I return to work on partly saving feature on 3.2 based code. but I have a question, do I have to change my source version control tools to 'hg'?
<mhu>well, going forward, you should surely consider to change to mercurial ...
<mhu>...I currently dont remember how difficult migration actually was...
<mhu>... I think, I migrated my personal work / cws via diff / patch ...
<LiHeng>ok, I will change it next week.
<mhu>... but I think, the wiki has some hints / advice how to best do that.
<mhu> keyword should be 'mercurial'
<LiHeng>Thanks, I think I can handle them.
<LiHeng>mhu: Is there some works of Benchmark helper code in tools? or we can put them into OOo?
<mhu>you mean, whether the code is *already* integrated into 'tools' module ?
<mhu>wasn't that yugq's cws that 'sb' was reviewing at some point in time? has it been integrated ?
<LiHeng>yugq has moved all code into tools, and submit into the cws
<mhu>yes, okay. Do you know the state of that cws ?
<LiHeng>I don't know now. :(
<mhu>okay, maybe we can find out. can you send the cws name (and whether cvs, svn or hg) on the mailing list ? then someone here can have a look at it, maybe.
<LiHeng>I have sent a mail of this CWS last week, but now My computer is not here :)
<mhu>sorry, but I cant find a find of yours with a cws name ?
<LiHeng>I will resend it, next monday.
<LiHeng>That all for me
<mhu>yes, I dont have more for today, also.
<LiHeng>okay, that all today. :)
<mhu>bye all, have nice weekend
<cd_oo>bye all
<cd_oo>have a nice weekend
<liangjun>:) bye <LiHeng>bye all nice weekend

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