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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2010/01/29
Time: 16:27– 17:39


<kuangliang> hi <LiHeng> Hi,all <LiHeng> Sorry, we are late <cd_oo> Hi all :-) <LiHeng> Our network have some trouble <LiHeng> Let's update our status <liangjun> hi all :) <cd_oo> Nothing from my side. I was involved in show stoppers and currently I 'am working on an important internal task. <liangjun> I 'm working on merger dll and rtl::OUString. It had little performance. <cd_oo> mhu: ping! <cd_oo> sb_: ping! <mhu> pong ! <sb_> Nothing. * mhu is still working on improving idlc / regmerge speed wrt compiling udkapi / offapi modules on cws mhu22 <LiHeng> I and Yu Guoqiang updated the Website of Benchmark-System, We think it's available for us to start use it to trace OOo <mhu> ...but had not much time this week <LiHeng> Okay,if no more words, I introduce yujl to you all, the new people from CH2000, to improve preformance of OOo <yujl> hi all <mhu> hi yujl <sb_> Welcome on board. <yujl> thx <mhu> your full name is "yu jinliang", right ? you're welcome <cd_oo> yujl: Hi yujl <yujl> yes ,it`s my full name <LiHeng> So,if we no more works on performance I suggest can we change this IRC to be biweekly, until OOo3.2 finish? <mhu> well, yes, but 3.2 should be finished within the next days, if we dont find more show stopper bugs <LiHeng> Oh, :-),It seem we don't need to change anything. <mhu> yes, maybe we can the meeting short, but do it every week <mhu> s/can the/can keep the/ <LiHeng> Okay, good idea :) <mhu> :-) <LiHeng> That's all for me. <cd_oo> +1 <yujl> me too <sb_> bye then <cd_oo> Bye all <mhu> bye all, have a nice weekend <yujl> bye -------------------------------------------------------------------- Go back

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