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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2009/05/15
Time: 16:00– 17:26
Meeting No.:


(4:00:25 PM) arwe: Hi everyone ☺
(4:00:41 PM) yugq: hi all
(4:01:07 PM) Matthias: hi
(4:02:07 PM) cd_oo: Hi all
(4:02:27 PM) liheng: Hi,all!
(4:04:01 PM) liheng: Let's update our status! :)
(4:06:16 PM) sb: my status: working on configmgr redesign/reimplementation, mainly to improve performance (by touching way fewer files during startup), but also to finally address some other shortcomings
(4:06:40 PM) Malte: Sounds good! :)
(4:08:39 PM) ***Matthias continues with buffered file I/O; unix implementation ready for developer review (currently MAV is looking into it); starting with windows implementation.
(4:09:11 PM) liheng: My status:I just finished all works to transform Benchmark-System to Glassfish/MySQL and clear commercial code, but I can't complete manual and commit all helper code into my CWS.
(4:09:11 PM) os_ooo: Hi,
(4:09:12 PM) os_ooo: the cws os128 that contains the fixes related to SfxItemPropertySets, frame access in Writer and some others in Writer is on it's way to QA now.
(4:09:14 PM) os_ooo: Next areas are asynchronous storing in AutoSave and changes in the implementation of SfxItemSet where Bjoern Michaelsen is currently working on.
(4:10:03 PM) odf-mib: I have updated the rtllog2odf tool
(4:10:19 PM) Matthias: liheng: you cant commit into your CWS?
(4:11:19 PM) liheng: Matthias: :), I need more time to do that.
(4:11:30 PM) Matthias: liheng: oh, I see :-)
(4:13:28 PM) liheng: I changed the record format in help code,at last week, because I find my new analyzer need more information. ;)
(4:13:30 PM) arwe: I have now added the DrawingLayer ModelLocking performance improvement to CWS aw065; no more expensive BoundRect calculations when there is not yet a view.
(4:14:07 PM) arwe: Also looking with IHA for some superfluous chart actions with Drawingayer
(4:15:04 PM) arwe: Also tinking about a 'Meta-Object' for chart, e.g. 5000 data points currently create 5000 SdrObjects, change to one MetaObject with 5000 transformations...
(4:15:52 PM) liheng: Matthias:If you done your works,which improvments will be found in general Hotspots (like, startup, load ,save) ?
(4:17:03 PM) Matthias: liheng: I expect improvement for all: startup (mainly cold), load and save
(4:17:31 PM) Matthias: ...but of course, when there is a build to test, we will see more (4:17:57 PM) Matthias: ...details
(4:19:08 PM) cd_oo: My status: I am currently working with the setup team on non-rebased libraries and how to get it into installation sets without breaking anything. Especially to not break Windows patching is difficult as we can have two possible installations (rebased/non-rebased) but just one patch.
(4:20:43 PM) liheng: Ok,as I see, I think I can use your CWS to test our Benchmark-System, because it may improve all number of Hotspot and user experience index
(4:22:31 PM) Matthias: liheng: okay, no problem; just give me some time to commit all changes to the repository (it will be in cws mhu20).
(4:24:01 PM) liheng: If that CWS is ready for QA please tell me, I will checkout and create a report
(4:25:42 PM) Matthias: yes, sure
(4:27:27 PM) liheng: It seems that we have no more topic today, break up?
(4:29:06 PM) liheng: Hi,enoki_
(4:30:36 PM) Matthias: liheng: I think, the status round table has finished; and I dont have more for today; maybe others ?
(4:31:45 PM) liheng: Yes,I think so.:)
(4:33:18 PM) Matthias: any comments from our japanese / goodday attendees ?
(4:35:22 PM) makoto_goodday: no thing thanks
(4:35:46 PM) Matthias: you're welcome, greetings to tora
(4:37:58 PM) liheng: Matthias: I think no more topic today :)
(4:38:10 PM) ***Matthias now needs to leave; have a nice weekend everyone ...
(4:38:21 PM) Matthias: liheng: yes, I think so too :-)
(4:38:51 PM) Matthias: bye all ...
(4:39:32 PM) liheng: That all ;)
(4:40:03 PM) makoto_goodday left the room.
(4:40:10 PM) cd_oo: Bye and have a nice weekend.
(4:40:35 PM) liheng: bye all
(4:42:34 PM) odf-mib: Bye all
(4:42:38 PM) xiuzhi: bye

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