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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/10/16
Time: 15:57– 17:06
Meeting No.:


(3:58:23 PM) yugq: LiHeng, I sent a mail just now, but couldn't see the picture.
(4:03:10 PM) liheng: Let me check it
(4:04:05 PM) mhu: Hi all, sorry for being late.
(4:04:12 PM) yugq: mhu, hi
(4:04:44 PM) kuangliang: hi mhu\
(4:04:46 PM) mhu: ...but I have already read Liheng's and yugq's emails ... :-)
(4:05:24 PM) liheng: mhu: hi, Long time no see :)
(4:05:33 PM) liangjun: hello
(4:05:42 PM) mhu: liheng: sorry, I have not yet had time to answer your email, can I do that now online ?
(4:06:15 PM) liheng: Yes!
(4:06:55 PM) mhu: okay; (1) XPerformanceTest ...
(4:07:26 PM) mhu: I have looked at the CVS history, and grep'd over the source where it is used...
(4:08:14 PM) liheng: There only one object to implement this Interface
(4:09:07 PM) mhu: ...people to ask for details would be "" (Daniel Boelzle; invented that interfaces) and "" (Kay Ramme; udk project lead)...
(4:10:42 PM) mhu: ...yes, it is only used from module "bridges/test"; so I think it is internal to UNO (the component model).
(4:11:05 PM) mhu: ..., i.e. an implementation / unit test.
(4:11:32 PM) mhu: whether it is worth including, please ask dbo or kr.
(4:11:38 PM) liheng: OK! It seems a support to measure performance of UNO methods,i have read the code of it's implementation, ...
(4:12:00 PM) mhu: yes, indeed.
(4:12:22 PM) liheng: What you think that we add this support into our new test tools?
(4:12:44 PM) liheng: What do you think that we add this support into our new test tools? (4:13:13 PM) mhu: I think it is more of a UNO-internal unit test; so, I am not sure; but please ask KR what he thinks.
(4:14:23 PM) mhu: (2) Configmgr "extensible Set" ...
(4:14:28 PM) liheng: okay, If we have some solution, I will sent it to mailing list
(4:14:38 PM) mhu: okay, thanks.
(4:16:23 PM) mhu: I don't remember where this was once used; the engineer who (I think) invented it, is "" (Joerg Barfurth; no longer working on ...
(4:17:18 PM) liheng: Can we send a e-mail to ask this problem?
(4:17:27 PM) mhu: ... the one who may remember usage is "" (Kai Sommerfeld, working on the UNO and UCB projects)
(4:18:01 PM) mhu: oh yes, please send emails; that is why I wrote the email addresses :-)
(4:19:14 PM) liheng: :), thank you, when we deal with this problem, we can work out the first version for ConfigMgr
(4:19:19 PM) mhu: Kai Sommerfeld may also be the right person to ask for an engineer to help with configmgr.
(4:21:35 PM) liheng: Okay, I will send to him first.
(4:22:06 PM) liheng: go next,How to open the source of new test-tools in OOo?
(4:23:16 PM) liheng: We want to open the source of new tools in OOo, Do we need start a new CWS in "tools project"?
(4:23:23 PM) mhu: is the question really "how" ? or do you mean "where" (to check in the code) ? (4:24:10 PM) liheng: where and how :)
(4:24:53 PM) mhu: okay, "how" may be the easy part: you simply commit it to CVS (or better SVN) :-)
(4:25:16 PM) liheng: Do we need create a new CWS for it ?
(4:25:47 PM) mhu: let me first comment on the "where" part...
(4:27:32 PM) mhu: ..."where" may be more difficult: depending what "tools" you actually want to provide, I would ask Martin Hollmichel whether the "tools project" is the right place for (some) tools.
(4:29:12 PM) mhu: ...also, if you are adding a "module" (like "sw" "ucb" "vcl" and so on) in CVS (or SVN) on a CWS, that needs some help (I would ask Martin again).
(4:30:35 PM) liheng: Now, it is a new tools, and it was not large enough to create a new module,I think
(4:30:47 PM) mhu: but yes, you should probably create a separate CWS for the tooling, if it is not too difficult for you to handle multiple CWS at the same time; otherwise, you just use the one CWS that you have to do all your changes.
(4:32:36 PM) mhu: would you say that your code / tools fit into some existing module ? like "tools/solenv" or "tools/soltools" ?
(4:34:12 PM) mhu: (and that is old CVS structure; actually I do not yet know how SVN module structure looks like; maybe all is flat now; so that we only have "solenv" and "soltools" which are both modules in the "tools" project)
(4:34:46 PM) liheng: It's a tough problem.
(4:34:51 PM) liheng: :9
(4:34:54 PM) liheng: :(
(4:35:25 PM) mhu: maybe it is only difficult "nomenclature" / "speech" ?
(4:35:49 PM) mhu: it should not be a tough problem, Martin will surely help us.
(4:36:20 PM) liheng: I mean it's tough problem for me now:)
(4:36:30 PM) mhu: anything I did not explain in a way that you could understand ?
(4:37:24 PM) mhu: maybe some historical view on the ooo infrastructure can help?
(4:37:34 PM) liheng: At first, I think it maybe be put into a dir like workben
(4:38:02 PM) mhu: "workben" of what parent directory?
(4:38:40 PM) liheng: tools
(4:39:13 PM) mhu: ah, that is something completely different :-)
(4:40:09 PM) mhu: the CVS directory "tools" that contains e.g. tools/inc/tools/list.hxx ?
(4:40:33 PM) mhu: this is what builds ""
(4:40:34 PM) liheng: :), I know, so I ask you, that problem
(4:41:38 PM) mhu: may I use 2 minutes for a short explanation how the ooo infrastructure (projects, modules, directories) where designed 8 years ago ?
(4:41:57 PM) liheng: yes, thank you
(4:42:06 PM) mhu: okay, here we go :-)
(4:42:37 PM) mhu: first, the "projects" are directly mapped to CVS "modules" ...
(4:43:04 PM) mhu: so, there is "" => the "tools" project...
(4:43:57 PM) mhu: this project is made persistent in a CVS "module" (top level directory) named "tools"...
(4:44:38 PM) mhu: this "module" named "tools" has subdirectories "www", "solenv", "soltools", ...
(4:46:12 PM) mhu: in subdirectory "www" are the web pages, e.g. "" is in CVS equal to "tools/www/index.html" ...
(4:47:37 PM) mhu: then in every subdirectory like "soltools" you find a "soltools/CVS/Reposity" file that contains the entire path of the "soltools" directory as "tools/soltools"
(4:48:13 PM) mhu: so, the visible CVS module "soltools" is a subdirectory of "tools" (the project) (4:48:49 PM) mhu: "tools" the (CVS) module is "util/tools" i.e. the "tools" module in the "util" project.
(4:49:30 PM) mhu: so, that was the 2minutes overview ... :-) hopefully that was a help, not confusion.
(4:51:30 PM) liheng: What I got, that we need decide which project and which subdircectory we should put our new tools in
(4:51:43 PM) liheng: right?
(4:51:45 PM) mhu: yes, exactly :-)
(4:52:19 PM) mhu: and "tools" the project is not a bad idea; project lead is Martin Hollmichel
(4:53:41 PM) mhu: "tools the project" is also where we have created the "performance" mailing list as ""
(4:54:11 PM) liheng: Is there a good posibility to help us to clear it if I list the feature and changes in OOo?
(4:54:43 PM) mhu: we could look, whether any of the existing modules in tools could be the home for the new tools also.
(4:55:20 PM) mhu: oh yes, that list would help a lot (at least me).
(4:56:09 PM) liheng: okay, it can also help me to arrange the project
(4:57:23 PM) liheng: we have no time, today, but yugq has already sent the roadmap of performance of Configmgr in mailing list, we can get a lots suggestions
(4:58:01 PM) mhu: You also have asked whether I attend OOoCon in Beijing? Yes, I am planning to be there for about 10 days total (arriving Mon 3rd Nov, leaving Tue 11th Nov).
(4:58:38 PM) mhu: yes, I have seen yugq's email, but also no time today to answer ... sorry.
(4:59:06 PM) liheng: We can talk about our project face to face, What a pleasure it is:)
(4:59:42 PM) mhu: yes, hope to see you all there... Are you coming to the conference location ?
(5:00:01 PM) mhu: or should I visit your offices ?
(5:00:44 PM) liheng: yes, we all are going to the location
(5:00:54 PM) mhu: fine !
(5:01:04 PM) liheng: :)
(5:01:22 PM) mhu: okay, I need to hurry to go to my next meeting, sorry.
(5:01:33 PM) liheng: bye:)
(5:01:37 PM) mhu: so, see you next week, bye

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