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The following Joint Copyright Assignments are not yet listed: This is not necessarily the contributors fault. Please list your name below, if it doesn't appear after a week or so.

  • Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc.
    emailed on 2006-02-02.
    Sent again on 2007-07-22.
  • Toshie Abe
    emailed on 2007-10-02.
  • Michel Renon
    emailed on 2007-12-16
  • Jason Stephenson
    JCA sent in February 2008
    SCA emailed on 2008-03-07
  •   <missing JCAs go here>

The list still (on 2008-05-30) says Last update 2007/12/10. Certainly there are people who signed JCA/SCA afterwards and are not listed.

We will help to track down where the JCA got stuck. The following information helps us to find your JCA.

  • Has the JCA been sent via email, fax or postal mail?
  • At which date has the email / fax / letter has been sent?

If all fails you might want to resend the JCA.

--stx12 22:20, 15 November 2005 (CET)

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