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| colspan="7" style="background:#bbffbb; color:#666699;" | Win/Linux (TBO)
| colspan="7" style="background:#bbffbb; color:#666699;" | Win/Linux (TBO)
| colspan="8" style="background:#bbffbb; color:#666699;" | Win/Linux (HDE)
| colspan="8" style="background:#bbffbb; color:#666699;" | Win/Linux (HDE)
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Revision as of 11:30, 24 April 2007

Test Plan for Child Workspace SRC680/pchfix04

Introduce precompiled headers for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) platforms. The benefit is that it should speed up compilation time considerably.


  • CWS Owner "Ause"
  • CWS QA Rep. JSK
  • CWS is based on SRC680m203, so CVS HEAD should be used
  • Full installation sets for StarOffice are available

Test strategy

Only Microsoft® Windows® platforms should be affected. So there will be full testing of all modules here. Additionally all modules should run their update tests for Linux. Other platforms are not provided. Linux serves as sufficient proof that platforms outside of Windows are not affected. Language is en-US.




NEW! CWS gh13 has priority over this CWS so we have to move the date:

Testing now begins on April 04. (Wednesday) and should be finished by April 13. (Friday) Please take into account that you might need to create references yourselves. If you cannot find installation sets at the usual places i can provide them on request.

Test Matrix

Please run following tests

  • Win: All tests
  • Lin: Update tests only
Language ISO 12 Base Calc/Chart Framework Graphics Math Writer XML
English en_us Win/Linux (MSC) Win/Linux (OC) Win/Linux (JSK/TBO) Win/Linux (FHA) Win/Linux (TBO) Win/Linux (HDE) Win/Linux (JSI)
Platform (User) being tested by Sun Microsystems
Platform (User) Approved by Sun Microsystem on StarOffice build



  1. Used ooo220 CVS branch for framework as many tests were changed/extended for HEAD and will run with errors on a src680m203.
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