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The 1.2 release date is not finally planned. For this release we will focus on improvements for the existing project types and the overall workflow.

Planned Feature  Status   Milestone 
NetBeans 6 support (building the plugin as well using it with NetBeans 6) planned -
Specialized UNO obect file types
Similar to specialized project types we will provide specialized file types for Calc Add-ins and Add-On objects.
planned -
Extended and improved help files for the plugin planned -
Support for option pages. That means new xcs for new options, adapted xcu for the option page, code skelelton for event handler, adapted manifest, dialog editor support. planned -
Integration of extensible help for extensions (includes packaging of help files in the oxt, appropraite manifest entry, registration of xhp as xml file types) planned -
Upload action to extension repository (at least a menu entry to start a web browser with the repository. Later on when a web series would be available a smother integration is possible) planned -
Extended and improved automated tests for the plugin (it's more aimplmentation feature, plugin developer and QA feature) planned -

Besides these planned features the whole wiki page should be reworked and updated. For example exachange screenshots with new ones, extend documentation etc.

Current issues concerning NetBeans 6

  • Plugin cannot be built with NetBeans 6

Not tried yet, but seems to be resolved. See NetBeans issue 118101.

  • Error message while opening an IDL file

The IDL syntax highlighting uses a deprecated API in NetBeans, since there was no alternative in NB5. New API concepts for syntax highlighting have to be evaluated - and used.

  • Not recognized .class files generated from compiled IDL sources

This will not be fixed in NetBeans. See NetBeans issue 118100. We need to do a workaround for this.

Due to the lack of resources there is no estimation possible when these issues will be fixed.

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