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We know that many students are looking out for good coding opportunities in the summer, so the project is proud to announce the following programme.


Join the " Summer 2010 Internship"

  • The " Summer 2010 Internship" will start on May 31 and will finish on October 31.
  • It is designed to help students with their first (or second...) step in software development
  • Participants gain valuable skills, a useful cash bounty (see below) - and millions of users get the great new features which participants have developed!

This internship programme follows on from the successful bug-bounty programmes and others that the project has organized in the past.

How to apply

  • Email one of the members of the Supervisory Team, or meet them on IRC for a chat
  • They will help you to find a mentor in the project (or mentor you themselves)
  • If you haven't yet decided, make up your mind about what you want to do in, and discuss it with your mentor
  • Get a "go" for your proposal and get coding!
  • Note: available places are limited this year, so if you are interested, find out more now! (Of course joining and helping the project is appreciated any time, but the programme only lasts a few months.)

Supervisory Team

The founding members of the Supervisory Team are Jürgen Schmidt (Juergen.Schmidt -at- Sun.COM), Mathias Bauer (Mathias Bauer -at- Sun.COM), and Svante Schubert (Svante Schubert -at- Sun.COM). Other developers who take on the role of mentor will join the Team.
The tasks of this Team are:

  • Make sure that all students have a mentor
  • Decide on which proposed projects are accepted
  • Help to find solutions if any problems arise
  • Help the individual mentors to decide about the quality of finished projects, in case of any doubt

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Programme is open to (student-)developers who can work full-time for a period of about 3 months on a project
  2. Intended participants must contact the Supervisory Team to be allocated a mentor and have their project accepted
  3. Participants have to comply with the usual guidelines, including signing of the SCA, as explained here, in the section "How to submit code to"
  4. An accepted project consists of a participant, a task and a mentor
  5. Accepted projects and results will be listed on the wiki
  6. There will be mid-term evaluations by mentors (supervisor or meeting)
  7. At the end of the project there will be a final evaluation of the committed work
    1. The success of participant is determined by mentor plus formal compliance with the rules
    2. In case of doubt about the success of the project, the participant and the mentor will contact the Supervisory Team
  8. The Project will award 4,000 EUR to each successfully finished project
  9. Payments to the participant will be made immediately after the programme ends. Participants are responsible for any taxation or other considerations in their country.

Possible projects

In the Category:To-Do on the wiki, you can find many possible projects for completion during this Summer 2010 Internship!
And there also is a page in the Education Project, proposing a lot of subjects

Those pages are a great source for all kind of ideas - new and older ones, well defined, and rough ones. If there is not the idea that you want to choose immediately, it can give you ideas though. Because of course you may propose a project yourself, or ask developers on your favorite project's list or the mentors, to help you start with this Internship!

~ OOo ~

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