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Stands for Office Open XML. The name of the module that handle Office Open XML import. Part of the Xml project.


The WordprocessingML importer is part of a different effort in writerfilter2 where the refactoring of the binary and RTF filter also takes place.

Directory Structure


This directory includes common code for all filters.

class AttributeList

Provides access to attribute values of an element. AttributeList wraps a com.sun.star.xml.sax.XFastAttributeList object, and provides convenience functions that convert the string value of an attribute to various other data types. This class is usually used as a local variable declared with an instance of XFastAttributeList passed from the FastParser instance.

class FragmentHandler

Top-most parent class that handles fragments. In most cases this class handles all nested contexts for increased performance. This class implements XFastDocumentHandler interface.

class RelationsFragmentHandler

Handles loading of relationships fragments ( /*/_rels/*.rels ). Like the FragmentHandler class, this class also implements XFastDocumentHandler interface.

class ImportBase

The base class for application specific import filters, currently sub-classed by oox::ppt::PowerPointImport and oox::xls::ExcelFilter. It implements XImporter and XFilter interfaces.



Xls includes code specific to parse SpreadsheetML.


Ppt includes code specific to parse PresentationML.


OLE includes code specific to parse OLE.


Drawingml includes code specific to parse DrawingML.

Shape related class

Includes: Shape, FillProperties/LineProperties, and so on.

Text related class

Includes: TextBody/TextParagraph/TextRun/

Color related class

Theme related class



Chart includes code specific to parse Chart.


Diagram includes code specific to parse Diagram.


Table includes code specific to parse Table. Includes: TableCell/TableRow/TableStyle/TableBackgroundStyleContext and so on.


The token list is generated by parsing the XML Schemas. Then gentoken.pl will use gperf to generate a perfect hash for fast parsing of known tokens. All the token are dispatched through integer numbers.


Pivot Table in Xls module

Cell Style in Xls module

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