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Here you can find description of the ooo-build scripts and tools located in ooo-build/bin.

analyse-link Solves Issue 56622 (Hungarian community translation conflicts with SUN provided one)
build-galleries Generate galleries for OOo from Open Clip Art Library
build-issues Create the issue submitting page from bug.tmpl.
build-ooo Build OOo. It is called from the main Makefile.
build-people Create the name-account mapping page from name-account.txt.
cws-commit-patch Create a child workspace (CWS) and commit there the specified patch.
cws-extract Create a patch usable for ooo-build from an up-stream child workspace (CWS).
find_dup Prints duplicate entries in a file. Gets the duplicates across modules for the class constructor symbols.
fix-deps Force resource dependency rebuild if necessary.
font-munge Do a partial substitution of fonts.
gen Create a set of patches from a set of new files.
help-font-munge Create a HiContrast theme by extracting lch_*, sch_*, etc. from default_images.
l10n-status Turn unused symbol lists into linker maps.
nothing Input swallowing dummy, to kill RPM find-requires / provides.
ooinstall Install the built OOo. See also the install section. Template for Perl script that is used to start OO.o and does i18n setup first.
ootouch Utility - give it some of your stack trace, and it will go touch files contianing that, meaning you can build debug=true easily to get debugging symbols...
openoffice-xlate-lang Map between several language identifiers.
owner Return owner of the specified file.
package-lang-win32 Install lang-packs and build-per lang .spec files.
re-root Change CVS root of you OOo checkout.
scale-icons Misc. configuration options.
snapshot-build Do repeated builds of OOo.
src-pack Pack an OOo checkout into several tarballs.
strace-rewrite A script to re-write strace -ttt output to be more readable.
tag-list Generate a flat text file of tags from EIS (Environment Information System).
tunnel Sets up the tunnel to for your CVS access. Set your CVSROOT to ':pserver:localhost:/cvs' to use it.
unpack Unpack the OOo sources and other archives. Used from Makefile. Build lists of unused symbols in an installed set.
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