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Musings on the next

This page is dedicated to foster ideas about the next major version(s) of It should be seen as a way to discuss and outline some key feature of what we wish could be in two, three or five years. As such, this page covers product marketing, but also technological considerations and overall project strategy.

1. General Wish List

(Random items be written below)

  • Give OOo "online capabilities"
    • Have OOo sync documents with webdav service
    • Publish OOo directly to various filesystem
    • Send documents to IM (kopete/pidgin)
    • Document sharing through XMPP (or others)
    • Enhance Blogging and CMS capabilities
    • Use OOo as a framework for AJAX webapps (CRM, ERP, HRS)
  • Proposing online services on the OOo website
    • Mailing list Subscrition through OOo Help menu
    • Support through Jabber chat (watch
    • RSS reader for forums (keep track of questions)
  • Mind maps
    • Use draw as an interface to mindmap a paper (link document to shapes)
  • Document builder framework
    • Generate and manipulate complex documents through a database
    • Database backend integration support

2. Product Positionning

3. Technological/Development Goals

4. IRC sessions / Work items

IRC session on the 21st of July, Monday, 2008. 5 pm CET, 4pm GMT. IRC: Freenode, #odf@www

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