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The intention of this page is to collect the beta feedback from the various mailing list, forums, press, issues and come at the end to a prioritized list of most import bugs we need to fix for 3.0.

Also this is the chance to collect complains of most missed features so that we are able to develop a roadmap for the upcoming releases.

good stuff

I wonder if you might like to include on your marketing page OOo 3.0's concerted attempt to finally get word count right. This has been a major bugbear for professional writers, and work is underway right now to get OOo to mimic MS Word in this regard. This is a huge deal for a significant portion of your user base, and a major success worth trumpeting.

The master bug for this issue is 80815, if you're interested.

2. "Thank you"] from a Mac Aqua user

not so good stuff


MS-O 2007 support

missing features

  • Calc: Sort icons AZ/ZA should take into account active cell column -> to directly sort based on this column

(very handy feature in Excel) Plus (if possible): should remenber last sorts to enable infinite number of column criteria by successive sorts beginning by minor criterias (as in Excel again) NB: these long since signaled lacks for every day work of the avarage users are healed by simples macros, since not too hard to fix

Microsoft Office 2003 compatibility


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