OOoSCM Minutes 2007-12-14 IRC log

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**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Fri Dec 14 14:57:17 2007
Dec 14 14:57:17 -->     You are now talking on #oooscm
Dec 14 15:01:18 <blauwal>       Hi
Dec 14 15:01:39 <blauwal>       Looks like it will be a short meeting today because Jan cannot attend
Dec 14 15:04:58 <blauwal>       Any news from the bazaar side of things?
Dec 14 15:10:14 <blauwal>       doko: ?
Dec 14 15:11:17 <doko>  blauwal: online
Dec 14 15:12:02 <doko>  blauwal: there was a mail exchange between Nils and John; I think you're on the CC
Dec 14 15:12:02 <blauwal>       Any news? I see from mails that John is getting started with the OOo import
Dec 14 15:12:16 <doko>  right, I don't know more currently
Dec 14 15:13:35 <blauwal>       OK. Let's wait for a few minutes before close this meeting, to give other interested the chance to join. Jan can't join tod
Dec 14 15:14:17 <blauwal>       I don't have any news as well, I was occupied with other things this week.
Dec 14 15:21:06 <blauwal>       doko: Ok let#s close this meeting, I doubt that anyone else will show up :)
Dec 14 15:23:21 <doko>  blauwal: ok, I'll be away next week; maybe I'm online on Dec 27/28, will email you
Dec 14 15:24:02 <blauwal>       I'll be online the next two Fridays just in case, though I guess that there will be no meeting. Have a nice Xmas and a good
Dec 14 15:24:24 <blauwal>       bye
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Dec 14 15:24:29 2007
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