OOoSCM Minutes 2007-12-07 IRC log

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**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Fri Dec  7 14:52:54 2007
Dec 07 14:52:54 -->	You are now talking on #oooscm
Dec 07 14:58:55 -->	kendy_ (i=kendy@nat/suse/x-a0ba8da4481b7d37) has joined #oooscm
Dec 07 14:59:00 <kendy_>	Hi!
Dec 07 14:59:06 *	kendy_ did not forget this time ;-)
Dec 07 15:00:47 <blauwal>	Hi 
Dec 07 15:01:05 <blauwal>	doko__: Will John be able to join us today?
Dec 07 15:03:51 <blauwal>	doko__: Matthias?
Dec 07 15:04:58 <blauwal>	Hmm, ok, let's start.
Dec 07 15:05:54 <blauwal>	I think, I might be able to have an imported bazaar repository next week. So we can start the next part of our evaluation.
Dec 07 15:06:54 <blauwal>	I plan to document our typical work flow - adapetd to the SCM used - on the OOo SCM migration page together with timings etc
Dec 07 15:07:49 <kendy_>	blauwal: That means that I must investigate the shallow clone for you until that time, right?
Dec 07 15:08:18 *	kendy_ should have more time for that the next week, so it should be OK
Dec 07 15:08:22 <blauwal>	kendy_: no. would be nice, but another week will probably not matter
Dec 07 15:08:22 <kendy_>	hopefully
Dec 07 15:09:07 <kendy_>	blauwal: OK
Dec 07 15:09:09 <blauwal>	kendy_: After all there is still no comparable bazaar repository, this will still take time
Dec 07 15:09:38 <kendy_>	blauwal: Do you have some info at what stage they are already?
Dec 07 15:10:12 <blauwal>	kendy_: no, not really. But I was busy the last weeks and I think I can figure it out myself
Dec 07 15:10:21 <kendy_>	blauwal: OK
Dec 07 15:11:08 <blauwal>	kendy_: bzr import from SVN has a memory leak the size of a barn door, but I could workaround it and now it looks like it might work.
Dec 07 15:11:41 <kendy_>	blauwal: Nice
Dec 07 15:12:08 <blauwal>	kendy_: I assume your typical work flow might be different than our, can you document it somewhere in the Wiki?
Dec 07 15:12:40 <kendy_>	blauwal: Well,
Dec 07 15:12:47 <blauwal>	kendy_: I will provide a template or something.
Dec 07 15:12:49 <kendy_>	blauwal: yes
Dec 07 15:13:08 <kendy_>	blauwal: I was just thinking what part of the up-stream workflow we are using,
Dec 07 15:13:33 <kendy_>	blauwal: it mostly boils down to using cws-commit-patch script these days.
Dec 07 15:13:59 <kendy_>	blauwal: So I should probably document what workflow we imagine as working for us ;-)
Dec 07 15:14:20 <blauwal>	kendy_: that would be nice
Dec 07 15:14:21 <kendy_>	blauwal: Together with how ooo-build works.
Dec 07 15:14:24 <doko__>	blauwal: sorry, was looking at another computer
Dec 07 15:14:46 <blauwal>	doko__: Hi Matthias.
Dec 07 15:14:48 <doko__>	doko__: no, he's preparing the bzr-1.0 release
Dec 07 15:14:53 <kendy_>	doko__: Hi!
Dec 07 15:15:12 <blauwal>	doko__: do you have any news about the import efforts?
Dec 07 15:16:20 ---	doko__ is now known as doko
Dec 07 15:17:50 <blauwal>	doko: I think I might come up with an import myself next week - I've struggled a bit with bzr-svn.
Dec 07 15:18:31 <doko>	john is still busy with the bzr-1.0 release; there should be more time next week
Dec 07 15:20:38 <blauwal>	doko: OK. And since bzr-1.0 (with the pack.0.92 repository format would be the way to go for anything the size of OOo anyway we should wait for bzr-1.0 before we go on. This would gibe kendy some time to look at shallow repositories and me some time to study merge tracking with subversion 1.5 :)
Dec 07 15:21:15 *	doko nods
Dec 07 15:24:20 <blauwal>	so hopefully next week we have imported repositories for all candidates and an idea how the workflow with each candidate might be so we can finally get some real numbers to base our decision on.
Dec 07 15:25:45 <blauwal>	anything else for today?
Dec 07 15:27:31 <blauwal>	Ok, let's close for today then
Dec 07 15:27:48 <kendy_>	Yes.
Dec 07 15:28:08 <blauwal>	See you next week then.
Dec 07 15:28:11 <kendy_>	blauwal: Please ping us when you have the template/your workflows, I'll create ours.
Dec 07 15:28:17 <kendy_>	Thank you!
Dec 07 15:28:20 <blauwal>	kendy_: I'll do
Dec 07 15:28:21 <kendy_>	Bye!
Dec 07 15:28:24 <blauwal>	bye
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Dec  7 15:28:39 2007

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