OOoSCM Minutes 2007-11-30 IRC log

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**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Fri Nov 30 15:05:38 2007
Nov 30 15:06:37 <blauwal>	doko: will John joind us today?
Nov 30 15:06:51 <blauwal>	s/joind/join/
Nov 30 15:08:31 <doko>	blauwal: I don't think so; they are preparing the bzr 1.0 release.
Nov 30 15:08:54 <doko>	I have still to check how to setup the bzr+ssh server
Nov 30 15:09:57 <blauwal>	doko: Or just a bzr(no ssh) server, I currently do not care about who is making changes to the test repositories
Nov 30 15:10:30 <blauwal>	doko: Anything new on the import efforts?
Nov 30 15:11:36 <doko>	blauwal: no, John told me he's still working on it, but didn't have much time due to the bzr 1.0 release
Nov 30 15:13:09 <blauwal>	doko: I just chatted with 'jelmer' on the bzr-channel, he'll give his bzr-svn tool a shot on the migrated svn repository
Nov 30 15:15:30 <blauwal>	doko: Do you know which approach john will choose for his import? Directly from cvs, or via svn?
Nov 30 15:17:01 <doko>	blauwal: sorry, no.
Nov 30 15:21:48 <blauwal>	doko: I did some tests with a simple minded import of OpenOffice 2.3.0. I found that branching the repository locally is quite slow.
Nov 30 15:21:54 <blauwal>	I did the following:
Nov 30 15:22:12 <blauwal>	1) bzr init-repo --no-trees trunk
Nov 30 15:22:34 <blauwal>	1) bzr init-repo --no-trees bzr
Nov 30 15:22:46 <blauwal>	2) bzr init bzr/trunk
Nov 30 15:23:10 <blauwal>	3) bzr checkout --lightweight bzr/trunk
Nov 30 15:23:16 <blauwal>	4) add and commit files
Nov 30 15:23:36 <blauwal>	5) When I now doing a ne local branch via 
Nov 30 15:24:06 <blauwal>	bzr branch bzr/trunk it takes about 48min. I'm doing something seriously wrong?
Nov 30 15:24:52 <doko>	hmm, john's demo was a bit faster ...
Nov 30 15:25:33 <blauwal>	doko: Doing it over the network is even slower.
Nov 30 15:26:07 <blauwal>	doko: but I hope that the smart server might help there
Nov 30 15:46:04 <blauwal>	The discussion has moved to #bzr (John is there). I think we can close this one here for today.
Nov 30 15:52:12 <doko>	ok
Nov 30 15:53:09 <blauwal>	bye!
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Nov 30 15:53:13 2007
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