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On every Friday 2pm UTC (15:00 CET) there is a meeting (#oooscm on to discuss a new SCM (Software Configuration Management) system for


Participants: Jan Holesovsky, Martin Hollmichel, Matthias Klose, John Arbash Meinel, Maximilian Odendahl, Martin Pool, Eike Rathke, Jens-Heiner Rechtien


  • setup a weekly IRC meeting, on Fridays, 14 UTC
  • how to proceed to obtain a meaningful comparison between the SCM candidates
    • we agreed to first create a comparable import for Bazaar, Subversion and Git along the lines of the "migration recipe" in SCM_Migration.
    • after that we'll try to create optimized migrations which play on the strength of the SCM systems.

IRC log: [[1]].

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