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The meta Issue 112263 is to track potential Beta Stopper and meta Issue 111112 is for potential Release Blocker. If anyone would like to raise an issue for the release, please first make sure it can be defined as Showstopper before dropping a mail on Then write issue ID, problem statement and why you want to declare that issue as a stopper for this release. If accepted, the issue ID will be added to the meta issue.

Detailed schedule for 3.3

24th June 2010 Branch off date (UI and feature freeze)

(this means that the milestone for branching is ready by this date, all CWSs have been integrated)

1st July 2010 L10N translation handover
15th July 2010 L10N first translation languages handback
22nd July until 2nd August 2010 L10N TCM testing on L10N CWS builds

(focus on new features, prioritizing the UI translation over the help)

TBD 3.3 Beta (first Beta stopper free milestone after branch, English only?)

(Meta Issue 112263 for Beta Stopper)

TBD translation delivery deadline
TBD L10N CWS builds availability
TBD l10n TCM testing
TBD last L10N bug fixes delivery deadline
TBD Release Candidate 1
TBD QA release approval
TBD Product Release Releases
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