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Meta issue 99999 to track the release blocker issues.

Detailed schedule for 3.2

2009-09-21 Branch off date (UI and feature freeze) (This means that the milestone for branching is ready by this date, all CWSs have been integrated.)
2009-09-25 Translation handover
2009-10-16 Beta Release (OOO320_m2)
2009-10-30 Translation delivery deadline
2009-11-03 L10n CWS builds
until 2009-11-26 L10n TCM testing
2009-11-27 Last l10n bug fixes delivery
2009-12-17 Release Candidate 1 available (OOO320_m8)
2010-01-14 Release Candidate 2 available (OOO320_m9)
2010-01-20 Release Candidate 3 available (OOO320_m10)
2010-01-27 Release Candidate 4 available (OOO320_m11)
2010-02-04 Release Candidate 5 available (OOO320_m12)
The not yet released languages are still available as RC.
2010-02-11 Release public available

Release Plan for 3.2.0 release

Task Who Deadline Comments
Last cws integration for build / OOO320_mx md, RE done
Release Notes jpmcc currently available as
Setup Guides
Upload of build /
Upload of SDK /
Upload of src tarballs
full install sets for: en-US ar bg bn ca cs da de el en-GB es et eu fi fr ga gl hu it ja km ko lt mk nb nl nn om pl pt pt-BR ru sh sl sr sv tr vi zh-CN zh-TW
language packs for: en-US ar as ast bg bn ca cs da de dz el en-GB eo es et eu fi fr ga gl gu hi-IN hu id is it ja ka km kn ko ku lt lv mk ml mr my nb nl nn 
oc om or pa-IN pl pt pt-BR ro ru sh si sk sl sr sv ta te th tr ug uk uz vi zh-CN zh-TW
Trigger QA of final builds ja
Track Status of localized builds ja not tracked
Publish status of automated GUI testing hde OOoAutomationReleaseTestMatrix
Update of pages ja
QA of English builds ja
Update of SDK ja
Update of URE ja no URE is delivered as separate download anymore. URE is integrated into
Update of SDK Release Notes jsc/ja Release Notes tbd
Press Release/alert jpmcc
Download pages ja
Upload of solver tarballs ja solver tarballs are not delivered any more
Notification of mirrors ja
Update of Bittorrents (mike!)
Update of P2P page antbryan Metalinks will be available via MirrorBrain
Message to announce@ooo content louis
Homepage louis
News page louis
Press kit update jpmcc
Security bulletin update jpmcc
Message to security-announce@ooo jpmcc
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