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Latest revision as of 19:30, 16 March 2010

Since there is no EIS target OOo 3.0 Beta ( for good reason) we will track with this table which cws will go into which codeline.

BEA300 DEV300
mav32 (88424, 88435) (cloned, integrated m1) hr50 (Linux 64 bit changes)
native148 (installation of language packs, 88445) (cloned, integrated m1) Cmcfixes43
dba30c (cloned) mib07
sw30beta01 (cloned) [1] aw055
registrationurl (cloned, integrated m1) tl50
dba30beta (cloned) [2]

obr08b (cloned)
ab49 (cloned, integrated m1)
pdfimportfix (cloned, integrated m1)
tkr12 [3]
clbetafix01 [4]
l10nfixooo3b [5]
obo28 [6]
sw30beta02 [7]
dba30beta1 [8]
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