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(InterContinental Budapest Hotel, Apáczai Csere János utca 12-14)
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== InterContinental Budapest Hotel, Apáczai Csere János utca 12-14 ==
== InterContinental Budapest Hotel, Apáczai Csere János utca 12-14 ==
*Rob Weir, [mailto:rob@robweir.com rob@robweir.com], +1 978 467 5445
*Rob Weir, [mailto:rob@robweir.com rob@robweir.com], +1 978 467 5445, Aug 30th-Sept 4th
*Don Harbison
*Don Harbison

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In order to plan meetings and have common places to gather together, we'll try to collect all the hotels where OOoCon participants will stay. If it doesn't exist in the list already, please add your hotel and name to the list, if you want to share the information with the public. You can also add your e-mail address and mobile number, if you want people to reach you - the more the merrier ;-)

The OOoCon organizers would like to encourage everyone to add their details to this wiki page. Please note that all information on this wiki is public, and once published, cannot be removed anymore, not even by the administrators, so be careful with what you add.


The format of the entries is name, role, e-mail address, mobile phone number, arrival and departure

Hotel Boutique Bristol, Kenyérmező u. 4.

Google Map Route to Hotel Boutique Bristol

  • Florian Effenberger, Marketing Project Lead, floeff@openoffice.org, +49 151 14424108, 29-Aug, 4-Sep
  • Peter Junge, Marketing Project co-Lead, pj@openoffice.org, +49 1578 8615057, 29-Aug, 6-Sep

Camping Haller, Haller utca 27.

Google Map Route to Camping Haller

  • Stefan Weigel, no rank - not title, StefanW, 31-Aug, 4-Sep

Hotel Eurostars Center, Kossuth Lajos u. 7-9.

Google Map Route to Hotel Eurostars Center

CEU Residence Center

Google Map Route to CEU

  • Andrea Pescetti, Italian N-L Project Lead, pescetti@ooo, - , 31 Aug, 3 Sep
  • Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco, BrOffice.org/OpenOffice.org Brazil, gbpacheco@openoffice.org, +555184029927, 29-Aug, 5-Sep
  • Leo Moons, Translator/member nl.openoffice.org, Belgian, vpanter@openoffice.org, +32 475 241646, 30 Aug - 4 Sep
  • Cor Nouws, community representative Community Council, marketing nl-OpenOffice.org, owner Nou&Off, Netherlands,oolst@nouenoff.nl, + 31 625 207001, 29/30 Aug - 5 Sep

Alta Moda Fashion Hotel, 13 Nádor Utca 1051.


Mercure Budapest Duna, Soroksari ut 12


  • Leif Lodahl, Danish language coord, lodahl@openoffice.org
  • Paulo Vilela, Marketing OOo Portugal, pvilela@openoffice.org, +351912591908, 30-Aug to 3- Sep

Mercure Budapest Buda, Krisztina Korut 41-43


Hotel Ambra, Kis Diofa 13

Google Map of Location

  • Italo Vignoli, President Associazione PLIO (Italian NLP), italo@italovignoli.com, +39 348 5653829, August 31 - September 4

InterContinental Budapest Hotel, Apáczai Csere János utca 12-14

  • Rob Weir, rob@robweir.com, +1 978 467 5445, Aug 30th-Sept 4th
  • Don Harbison

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