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In this matrix you find which modules are being tested by QA Automation team to support releases. This all is done with VCL TestTool and results of tests are shown on Quality Assurance Statuspage QUASTe.

  • English and German installsets are tested with release (Category 0) tests of each module whereas English is tested by QA Automation team of Sun Microsystems
  • The German OOo Community is testing German installation sets.
  • All community members are invited to test a language of their choice first with Cat0 tests and Cat1-3 optional afterwards.

The matrix has to be fulfilled for every milestone (release candidate) beginning with OOO300m4. 3.0

Branch 'OOO300' beginning with milestome 'm4'

Language Tel. code ISO 12 Linux MacOS Solaris-Intel Solaris-Sparc Windows
English 01 en_us all modules all modules all modules all modules all modules
German 49 de_de all modules all modules all modules all modules
Japanese 81 ja 1/9 (jsi)
Italian 39 it 2 (msc) 7 (oc)
Portuguese 03 pt 3/4 (jsk)
French 33 fr 5 (wg)
Spanish 34 es 8 (fha)
Chinese (trad.) 88 zh_tw 6 (tbo)
Swedish 46 sv 7 (oc)
Dutch 31 nl 6 (tbo)
Chinese (simpl.) 86 zh_cn 8 (fha)
Polish 48 pl 5 (wg)
Korean 82 ko 3/4 (jsk)
Russian 07 ru 2 (msc)
Hungarian 36 hu 3 (msc)
Portuguese (Brazil) 55 pt_br 1/9 (jsi)


Colors show what category tests must run on selected Platform/Language:

Color Category
Category 0
Category 1-3

Number shows what module must run on selected Platform/Language:

Number Module
1 chart2
2 dbaccess
3 extensions
4 framework
5 graphics
6 math
7 spreadsheet
8 writer
9 xml

Number of tests and testnames can vary so please assure you choose correct autotests for your milestone to be tested. These tests can be found on QUASTe


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