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Category:Draft marketing ideas and materials

Draft marketing documents index

These are two marketing presentations that grew from an original by Erwin I think. These are updated for 3.0 and using the Template created by Yutaka Kachi.

This is the "no text on slides" version File:Ooo3prodintroBrief.odp Speaking notes are in the notes view, designed for Marketing/Sales presentation

The second is the full text version which a use as a standalone. Too much information in the slides to be used with a speaker but OK to have running continuously in a booth at a trade show for instance. File:Ooo3prodintroen.odp

The first slide is simply a place keeper which I use to display on screen before I actually start speaking. Second slide is for introducing the speaker, either take it out or edit as required.

The download numbers slide will need to be updated as required at the time.

Feel free to edit, I think the screenshots are all up to date except the Calc one, and update the file. This one is English, translations would be cool

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