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The OpenOffice 3.0 code line will be the first chance in many years to do a number of changes which will break the strict binary compatibility and patching requirements on the current SRC680 code line.

The following is a short list of changes which are planned before the first release of OOo on the new codeline. Please note that it's just the result of a short brainstorming session. We have not yet fully evaluated whether all those things will be possible. And we do not yet have working concepts for everything.

  • most important: overhaul the windows symbol->ordinal mapfile system (known as def-files)
  • reconsider the base line (target-system) for all platforms
  • update all compilers on all platforms to the latest and greatest consistent with the reconsidered baseline
  • move localization files out of source modules into their own place
  • get rid SUPD dependencies (including library and resource names)
  • get rid of STLport, use system STL where applicable
  • overhaul the 3rd-party library patch system
  • overhaul build.lst system with a XML based one
  • 64 bit support for all platforms
  • fix precompiled-header for Windows with .Net-2005 compiler
  • revisit all places with disabled optimizations
  • reconsider used and supported jdk-versions
  • revisit compiler-defines (for example WIN_VER) and linker switches

Not RE tasks but important:

  • overhaul pack, installation and patch system
  • make resource system independent of source code tree
  • get rid of complete mozilla source tree inside OOo source tree
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